With the forecast of a hot weekend in the 90s here in Asheville, I’m in the mood to write about some lighter fare.
Ever since Jennifer and Brad Pitt broke up a few years ago, people have been hoping she’ll find another true love. It hasn’t been easy. Now she’s dating John Mayer. Let’s look at their numbers.
First their Life Purpose Numbers.
Jennifer’s is a 29/11 and John has a 32/5. These numbers are not compatible. The 29 for Jen also means she has some anxiety concerning romantic relationships. And John’s 5 – well let’s just say, 5s often wait to settle down, because they don’t like feeling confined. They love change and want to try just about everything.
John is born on the 16th and Jen on the 11th. Again a challenging combo.
In relationships, Aniston will often feel torn, because having a partner can make her feel like she’s lost her identity. She’s divided. With an 11 Day, Jen can only find harmony through compromise.
Jen and John’s Essence Numbers are in perfect harmony. This is the vibration you often feel first when meeting someone new. These two would immediately feel a bond in their outlook and attitude towards life.
Aniston’s full birth name isn’t available online, so I was not able to create three of the important numbers in her Personal Numerology Blueprint.
I’m guessing her and John’s Destiny, Soul and Personality Numbers – which I don’t have for Jen – will be more in harmony.
However, there is another major hurdle to their relationship, no matter what.
Both ‘Jennifer Aniston’ and ‘John Mayer’ are 13/4 names. This definitely explains their magnetic attraction. But, and this is a big but – adding two 4s results in 8. And that can only mean fateful events.
In a nutshell, John Mayer won’t be in her life for long. As for his personal life, with his 16 Day of Birth and 13/4 name he is bound to have more challenges.
So here’s what I recommend for each of them.
Jennifer would really be helped if she changed the spelling of her name to ‘Jennifer Anniston.’ Her personal life would be positively affected, because she would feel so much more happy and at peace. By using her current name she’ll keep attracting fateful relationships. Brad Pitt’s name, by the way, is a 26/8 – another 8 and 4 fateful connection.
As for John’s name. I highly recommend he change it to either ‘Johnn Mayer’ or ‘John Maiyer’, both extraordinarily fortunate numbers.
The big difference between astrology and numerology is this. You CAN’T change the place and time of birth. That’s written in stone. But you CAN make sure you have a fortunate current name. It’s easy and the effect on your life is extraordinarily positive.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle