Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.14.11 AMOn March 1 Mars went retrograde. It stays there for 11 weeks, then moves direct again on May 19.

A striking numerology astrology code is in effect during this time.

As the weeks go by, the intensity rapidly increases as Mars moves backwards and aligns with the Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus T-Square.

Once it arrives in April, Mars creates a dynamic Grand Cross.

  • The onset of Mars Retrograde occurs in March – a 10/1 Universal Month
  • March 1st is a 1 Universal Day
  • April (month of the Grand Cross) is an 11 Universal Month
  • Mars is Retrograde for 11 weeks
  • Mars moves Direct on May 19, a 10/1 Universal Day

That’s a lot of 1s… the Action and New Beginnings number!

Any grand cross fuels tension that leads to action, THIS “Grand Cross” in the Cardinal Signs, literally GOVERNS action.

It will unleash energy of a tremendous power.

Mars will come riding into this planetary alignment and cause a pressure release. Think of these next weeks as a pressure cooker, where Mars triggers the sudden release of steam with force.

The potential for aggression and positive momentum is possible in EQUAL measure.

But since Mars is moving backwards, it can channel its impulsive energy into something much deeper. That’s what retrogrades are for – to stimulate us not on the surface, but in-depth. In this case – the warrior planet Mars literally turns into a Spiritual Warrior.

The result of this event really depends on YOU. How do you want to play with this intense energy?

Thing is, with Mars retrograde, the energy might not be in compliance with its original ‘marching orders’ (Mars governs war) or plans. Some confusion and instability will arise.

Here is the good news:

1. Cardinal signs govern the four seasons so they symbolize creativity, action and motivation. They are all about enterprise, independence and spontaneity. This is the energy aligned with finances and entrepreneurship.

2. Instability shakes things up and allows us to re-evaluate our lives. Yes, it can be uneasy energy. But it can equally be INSPIRING.

With this much power unleashed during a major astro-numerology alignment we have an unprecedented opportunity to make amazing progress in our lives. We are being directed by the heavens to rise above obstacles. We are being urged to expand our perspective.

How can you know exactly where YOU will be MOST triggered? How can you prepare and take FULL advantage of this pressure release?

By checking into your personal code at the time of this extraordinary April event.

– How does the Grand Cross line up to your astrology birth chart?

– What important numbers does it trigger in you?

– Where does the cross get activated in your personal and professional life?

If there ever was a time to delve deeply into your birth promise and discover how it is being awakened, it is NOW.

Register for your in-depth 90 minute Complete Astro-Numerology Consultation with me here. You’ll definitely want to get this call scheduled in the next few weeks before mid-April.

(I'll also share the wonderful gifts at the BACKEND of this big event with you!)

Do a thorough check-up of your current goals. Look at your patterns. I know, it’s not always comfortable. But it’s imperative to growth.

Don’t delay the inevitable! Step UP to claim your destiny now.

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. The old system is crumbling now as a brand new era is being ushered in. Discover how your life is getting a MAJOR overhaul!

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