Horoscope-Astrology-Zodiac-Colette-Baron-Reid-psychic-mediumDid you know that May, 2015 shifts you into a whole new dimension?

Where you can call forth the holy love of the divine at any moment in time?

This is happening across the board in the planets stars and numbers.

Here’s how you are birthing a new reality in May:

May, 2015 is a 13 Universal Month of powerful momentum.

And that means the 2015 Wealth Code FINALLY awakens in a big way, today!

Imagine the possibilities you have now as a Being of Light.

In the month of May the divine 13/4 Code triggers the Universal Year Number 8, to create a very special dynamic.

Whenever number 13/4 merges with Infinity Number 8, opportunities appear out of nowhere, manifestation is effortless, and you can call forth the Light with tremendous clarity.

Numbers 4 and 8 have a unique relationship in numerology… They are always attracted to and stimulated by each other!

Joined in any combination (8-8, 4-8 or 4-4) these two numbers attract destined events and people into your life – so expect a surge of transformation and life-changing moments all month long!

Let's take a closer look at number 13.

13 empowers you by activating the natural cycle of life and death and rebirth – generating infinite regeneration and renewal.

13 is also a symbol of the divine feminine:

  • We have 13 Moon Cycles in a year.
  • Each Season is 13 weeks long.
  • Four seasons multiplied by 13 create 52 weeks in our calendar year.
  • 13 adds up to 4, representing the four seasons.
  • Moon cycles are naturally aligned with feminine cycles and the circle of life-death-rebirth.

Since 13 = 1+3 = 4 (single digit root number) your transformation is guaranteed to manifest into tangible reality – into physical form.

This year the month of May swings open doors for you to seed new original ideas (1) nurture them with creative self expression (3) and organize them into REAL tangible results (4).

What sets May apart in 2015 is that the same Manifestation numbers are ALSO reflected in the Full and New Moon Code!

Let me explain.

The numbers 13/4, 17/8, 22/4 and 26/8 are activated exclusively and repeatedly for the Full and New Moon…

Even Mercury Retrograde later this month occurs at 13 degrees!

What does this unique code activation mean for YOU?

How can you take advantage of this powerful code… a code mirrored everywherein the stars, cycles and dates?

In this moment of your life, the flame of passion within you is able to ignite spectacular abundance opportunities!

Here's how.

pmf-blog-sidebarAt this critical juncture in 2015 – when the effects of the intense Eclipse cycle and Pluto-Uranus square are rapidly dissipating – I am going to share the secret meaning of these hidden Astrology and Numerology Codes in an overview and day-by-day format.

And not just for the month of May, but for EVERY month.

Healing the pain and frustration of the past so you can rise up and embrace your highest purpose – THIS Reality is now available to you more than ever before in human history.

The divine light is with you. Let it light every experience day by day.

To guide you on your journey I have chosen today, May 1, 2015 to unveil my brand forecast program.

(And since so many of you have asked me…you'll receive a musical selection especially chosen by me that is completely aligned with the Astrology-Numerology of each Month – language of light to uplift, ground and inspire you!)

Go get the details on this wonderful opportunity by clicking here.

You’ll be so grateful you did!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Sena May 5, 2015 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    Wow! I just watched today’s daily video and I’m in awe of your beauty. You are Goddess on Earth 🙂

    • Tania
      Tania May 8, 2015 at 9:05 am - Reply

      Sena, now it’s my turn to say Wow – and thank you! You too can tap into your divine energy resources at any time. xoxo

  2. Ann Houston May 14, 2015 at 4:46 am - Reply

    hi I’m Ann I’ve been attracted to your readings I think ur great Tania, you make all this Numerologist look easy,
    I love it it makes a lot of sense when all these different numbers add up & how each star sign fits in to all these numbers which are all around inMay which is my Birthday on 29-5-54
    I would luv to reach for everything in abundance around work & other things, but Tania I’m a disabled person & I don’t work. But I believe what you say but is it different to me because I can’t work or is it the Same meaning for me in what you explained on your reading. Can you tell me if I’m gonna be lucky in the later half of May?
    Thank you for my reading I enjoyed it tremendously & i look forward to hear ur readings next time. Take care Tania & I think your super at your job Numerology. Kind regards
    Ann Houston all the way from Northern Ireland.xxx

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