Occasionally I’ll turn on the news – mostly for laughs. Like yesterday. Just in time hear about Obama’s gaffe at a recent ‘cloed door’ fundraiser.
With cell phones to catch every move, it makes me wonder how far technology will go next time we have an election year in 2012. Will we be watching reality-election-tv, uncut and uncensored. To the point where we’re debating every moment in a candidate’s life.
Probably so.
By then, voters will change their minds as fast as it takes a ping pong ball to cross back in forth during a heated game.
So, how did John McCain bypass the current heat and rise to the top.
In numerology it’s called – no contest. None of the other leading Republicans, besides Huckabee, had a good number going into 2008. Their Personal Years did not cut it. Especially when up against McCain’s. Not Giuliani, not Mitt Romney, not Ron Paul and not Fred Thompson.
The exception was Mike Huckabee. But, by the time Americans heard about him, he had too much ground to cover and too little funds to do so.
Notice, McCain was NOT the frontrunner for all of 2007. Giuliani and Hillary took the top spot respectively and were pretty much guaranteed the nomination.
Then a funny thing happened. We entered a new year.
Very soon McCain began his winning streak. By February 5 it was a foregone conclusion. Romney also saw the writing on the wall and drops out.
Here’s why.
John McCain has two important numbers which helped him leap over his competition. First, he’s in a 29/11 Personal Year. This is a Master Number, so it will ask more of him – however, he’ll get more in return. But, the icing on the cake is that 29/11 ties into his Personal Numerology Blueprint in a huge way.
McCain was BORN on the 29th. AND his Life Purpose Number is an 11. When either your Day of Birth, Destiny or Life Purpose Numbers tie into a Personal Year – you can bet on the fact that you will progress rapidly. In John’s case, he had not one, but Two of his three most important numbers tie into his Personal Year in 2008.
When that vibration happens to be a Master Number, as it is for McCain, achieving success can be even greater.
It doesn’t mean it will be easy. Mastery takes great skill, honesty and concentration. It requires more effort – but, in return, it promises greater rewards.
The second important fact in this equation is his current name. ‘John McCain’ which adds up to the ‘Immortality Number.’ His is an extremely fortunate vibration and gives him the ability to rise above the trials and difficulties earlier in life.
He happens to share this incredible name number with none other than Barack Obama.
Both have current names which will leave behind a legacy. But only one will win the Presidency in November.
More on that contest soon.
Many people ask me, what happens if you have more than one current name? What if your checkbook includes a middle initial you don’t use otherwise. Do your friends use a nickname when they talk to you. How do you know which name is helping you.
Here’s the quick answer. Yes all this matters. Go and send me ALL the names you are using. There’s only one name you need. Only one name that will pave your way to success.
Get the Name which carries the most fortunate number today.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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