This morning in our kitchen I got to talking with two plumbers. Tiger Woods came up. I had no idea what had happened after his win on Monday.
Now his victory is being considered one of the greatest athletic achievements of all time.
This magnificent athlete played 91 holes with a torn ACL AND two fractures in his left knee. Even without knowing he had two fractures, Tiger’s doctors told him not to play. So it’s amazing he entered the U.S. Open – let alone WINNING it in a sudden death playoff on Monday.
What’s known about Tiger, is that he only tells the public and media what he wants them to know. Very smart. As I explained a couple days ago, he has the 72/9 Destiny giving him immense understanding of human nature.
By NOT revealing the extent of his pain, he was able to feed off a public that supported him, rather than debate his decision to play. More importantly, this genius KNEW his opponents would feel stronger if they knew he wasn’t feeling so well. So he didn’t tell them. He didn’t whine. He didn’t complain. He just played.
Here again we see his genius at play. Tiger’s Day of birth on the 30th exemplifies his mental superiority. As is usually the case at this high level of sport, his was a total mental victory.
Consider – his camp never revealed he hadn’t played even 9 holes until the Saturday before the U.S. Open, because his pain was too great.
Tiger had not gotten down on his knee to watch a put until hole 1 of round 1 in the U.S. Open.
He didn’t have one fracture, but TWO. That’s akin to a broken leg.
Finally, due to all his wins this year so far, he will still be considered the Player of the Year, even though he can’t finish the rest of the season.
Naturally I was curious about his Personal Year in 2008.
I was not surprised. Tiger’s number immediately explains why he is taking a much needed hiatus now. He is in a 16/7 Year.
Two things. June is a 16/7 Universal Month for everyone. And Tiger -well he’s in a 13/4 Personal Month right now. The combo of his 16 Personal Year and his 13 Month brings endings, transformation, sudden and unforeseen events and renewal. It’s an incredible time for inner growth.
No matter what, if you’re experiencing a 7 year, you’re going to be asked to slow down.
For Tiger this means, taking time off from the physical and mental rigors of being the highest paid professional athlete in the world. A 16 year asks that he not overwork, because it will affect his health. Sudden events are common. Sudden opportunities are too. The potential for success can be really good.
So his injury is allowing him renew his mind and spirit. He is undergoing a transformation.
Imagine, after this sabbatical this magnificent athlete will be back even stronger.
You too have a Personal Year affecting you right now. Find out what is happening for you in the next 12 months and take your life to a whole new level.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. This week I talk to an brilliant man, Professor Marcus du Sautoy from Oxford University. He’s written an incredible book on Symmetry that reads like a novel. Find out what the life of one the top mathematicians of our time is like on By The Numbers.

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