Sometimes the most wonderful experiences happen in the most unlikely places.

Yesterday I was at my hair salon. Nothing extraordinary about that. I shoot lots of videos, as you probably know, and I like having my hair done … it relaxes me. 🙂

Usually I’m writing on my laptop, zoning in on something creative after chatting with my hair stylist for a bit first. She’s a friend, and I adore her, so we have an easy flow between us.

Yesterday I walked in, happy about my day and in a buoyant mood.

I sat down and opened my laptop, as usual.

But initially I didn’t feel the urge to write. A bit unusual for me!

Instead, for a while I enjoyed the company in the room. We laughed, shared, connected. I knew it was October 1, a double 1:1 Day (every day this month doubles up the SAME number, making it a special month).

1 is infused with primal energy, originality and excitement.

Everyone present – clients and the two stylists – had a wonderful time laughing, sharing and listening. The energy in the room was stimulating, yet calm, and felt really good.

After about 30 minutes (not sure exactly when, because it felt timeless) I started doing a bit of creative research.

Then in walked a lovely young lady (whom I later found out was 21), a recent college graduate and school teacher with the most positive, bubbly, sweet personality. She shared with us in her fun, passionate way how she was so thrilled to be moving to London shortly to embark on a new life as a nanny for a family who lived three blocks from Buckingham Palace…

Her enthusiasm and humor (hilarious imaginings of her life in London!) were positively infectious! We were all laughing, delighted to be so entertained and infused by her excitement.

She got us all wrapped up in her story.

At one point I turned to my hair stylist, Alisha, and said…

“I love how she totally EMBODIES how she feels.”

“No one will tell her what to feel and how to feel….she is Nothing in her is affected, it’s all stream-of-consciousness HER. No watering down, no amending, no excuses for who she is. She fully aware and engaged in every moment.”

It was so lovely to be in a room where everyone appreciated the fun, magnetic, VIBRANT energy emitting from this beautiful soul, about to embark on a brand new adventure in her young life…

Thing is, she didn't need to go to London from Los Angeles to share her vibrancy – her life was an adventure!

What a blessing it was to delight in another person’s spontaneity and joy.

Joy can be accessed in so many ways.

For one, you can create humor where there is none. (It’s a fabulous way to shift from stress to relief…)

You can make light of what seems like an oppressive situation and move your energy into another dimension. Yes, you are an alchemist!

Joy is taking full responsibility for who and where you are at any given moment.

  • If you are responsible for your sadness, you will explore it and release it.
  • If you are responsible for your happiness, you will seek to express happiness, you will seek experiences and people who absolutely love it when you are being YOU.
  • If you are responsible for your peace of mind, you will listen to music, be with people, read books and share in experiences that inspire your inner, spiritual balance.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

You can choose to stay despondent, to worry, be miserable, conflicted…

Or you can choose to move through your feelings (no matter what they are, and that means vent if you need to), to NOT SUPPRESS, not hide who you are.

When you acknowledge your feelings and intuit your way through each one you begin to make decisions based on honest, total immersion – and those decisions always lead to a place of blissful serenity and joy.

  • There are people who are filled with happiness even while in prison.
  • There are other people who are despondent even while living in splendor.

Who is responsible for either experience?

You are.

Not your circumstances.

white-butterfly-hand-animal-insectLook at how you frame story-lines as they spiral in and out of your life. What is your frame of reference going IN? Are you welcoming? Are you excited and passionate to ENGAGE with life – in all it’s unexpected splendor?

If not, do you realize you can change your perspective, your frame of reference in an INSTANT?

If not, do you realize you can change your perspective, your frame of reference in an INSTANT?

Since the Aries Blood Moon Eclipse at the end of September, it’s super important you understand at a core level that you are the CREATOR of your life.

There's so much to discover and explore.

Laugh when life seems crazy difficult. Laugh in the face of danger and challenges. Laugh your way through a challenging moment in your relationship.

Most of all, FEEL yourself ENGAGED.

EMBODY totally what you’re feeling. OWN how you find yourself. Share your soul, not “expected” words you're not truly embodying.

Creative expression is your soul expressing its divinity!

…In living FULLY, you explore an eternal palate of passionate, delicate, ecstatic, profound, melodic, serious, light, adoring and magnificent flavors – eternally accessible to you, every day.

You can immerse yourself in great music, art, dance, literature, poetry, deep breathing and nature to help you access this palate.

However you do it, make it a priority to engage and play.

YOU are yearning to be expressed.

Choose the modality of expression that will bring you the most fulfillment. Make your joy your career, your vocation. Make it your mission to engage fully with what inspires you, lights you up, brings you to tears, moves you into the beyond…

Like the 21-year old so thrilled about her new adventure. She just couldn't help but SHARE her joy!

That's how you know.

You embody your Truth so deeply that you just can't wait to share it!

Love passionately and live without expectations… Engage completely, utterly, without any hesitation — and then let go.

This is your moment. It depends on you.

Love and Blessings,


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