river-of-flowersVenus is in retrograde until September 5th, giving you a wonderful opportunity!

To explore your creative capacity to generate abundance.

It all begins with your languaging.

The sound and meaning of words leave a profound subconscious impact on us.

For example, when I tell my daughter Clara that I’m off “to get some work done”, the word WORK often doesn’t feel at all appropriate for what I’m doing!

To me, “work” implies a burden.

So I decided to change my emotional response to the word “work” by reframing the language. I chose to create language that fits me vibrationally.

Communicating in this new way has made such a difference!

For one, it stimulates my imagination. I’m intrigued by what’s about to happen (and so is Clara)…

So I wanted to share with you. “Work” is being replaced by –

I am…

  • Planning a fun project
  • Exploring a creative idea I have
  • Studying a new plan of action
  • Resolving an interesting challenge
  • Getting more clarity on a brilliant new program
  • Discovering more about a novel suggestion I was given
  • Searching for a positive solution to …
  • Reviewing an exciting offer
  • Examining potential options regarding …
  • Preparing for an exciting growth opportunity
  • Creating!

And here's why NOW is such a great time to replace what feels uninspiring to you with positive language:

Venus retrograde and Venus merging with Jupiter at the SAME time is a rare event in astrology. You’re exploring your creative imagination to expand fantastic new opportunities for abundance!

And August’s 16/7 Universal Month facilitates brilliant intuitive hits.

So, start by verbalizing your intentions with language of exuberance.

Unleash your inner fire by using the Language of Light.

Positively-charged language stimulates the most precious resource we have – our imagination.

You’re literally verbalizing creative opportunities!

Master the language of positive intention in these next few weeks and you’ll quickly and naturally call forth abundance.

The language of light is the language of fulfillment and prosperity…

Try it today!

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Carrie August 10, 2015 at 2:28 am - Reply

    I am so glad you wrote this Tania! I have always believed and experienced first-hand the power of speaking and thinking positive words. A lot of people quickly reject positive thinking or speaking because they don’t think it will work for them, but the way you have explained it here is very common sense to me.

    If you rephrase words that can have a negative connotation, such as “work” and rephrase it such as the examples you provided, our imagination, creativity and self-motivation is stimulated easier. However, saying “I have to do my work now” or “I need to get this project done by my deadline” causes us to feel like it is a chore rather than an enjoyable activity. I have worked in many jobs with people who live and die by deadlines. I have never liked the word “deadline”. It isn’t a pleasant word and implies horrible things if something doesn’t get done by a certain date. So I don’t say it anymore. I set timeline goals instead: “I plan to complete my project by this date.” Other people can call it a deadline, but I prefer to call it a completion date. Or maybe we can even call it something fun, like “celebration day” because the project will be done and that usually feels good.

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