Last night Clara and I returned home from the final of three international piano festivals that she participated in this summer… What a blessing to listen to exquisite music performed by youngsters from around the world day after day.

Beautiful SOUNDS are profoundly healing!

Three of Clara’s esteemed teachers were in their mid to late 80’s – legendary masters with energy to spare and astounding memories!

When you engage daily at something you just ADORE, you are blessed in every way.

And you remain YOUNG at heart!

In fact, no matter what your age, everything you engage in on a daily basis penetrates your vibrational field to the core.

So you want to honor your talents (once you know what they are!).

Fortunately, August 2018 opens wonderful opportunities to actualize what you truly adore!

The number 19 continues to be activated throughout August. 19 signifies the light of the Sun, Instant Manifestation and New Beginnings… any 19/10/1 cycle is your time to SHINE.

Adding to the mix – just days ago the August 11 Solar Eclipse in Leo opened a rare 11:11 portal of NEW transcendent journeys.

11 helps us discern positive from negative – to choose only what uplifts and nourishes us at Soul-level. 11 demands your full attention… a total PRESENCE that is your internal awakening of Light and Love.

Especially now, while Leo’s warmth and courage is ALSO active, you want to set new intentions.

When you hone in on your heart-felt intentions, you become a Conductor of Light.

Placing your full attention on what you love will alchemize energy and create a void – as new pristine potentials appear!

… so, just do this:

  • Be CRYSTAL CLEAR about each of your intentions. They will attract to you what you focus on.
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for every moment of your life by DIRECTING your intentions where you WANT your life to go.

This may sound a bit strange, but… just as Love is not doing, but BEING – Intention is NOT Action.

Love-infused Intention is the initial impulse – before you act.

Action must follow a conscious, clear intention. Not the other way around.

At this dazzlingly wonderful moment in our 2018 timeline you can create, inspire, influence and fulfill like never before!

Let every moment be a conscious creation set by YOU.

Believe in your Brilliance!

Go out into the world and radiate with love.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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