In June 2019 a strong code of Imagination is in play. Talk about getting the creative juices going!

3, 6 and 9 govern the whole month – these are the very numbers that comprise the 3-6-9 triad of creativity, love and self expression.

It all begins with your incredible imagination.

Do you realize that we use our imagination all day long?

Anytime you think about anything or feel through a potential experience, you are imagining a potential outcome.

Your internal visions are seeding your future.

And even more amazingly, the Universe accepts your imaginings as fact.

In other words,what you are focusing in your imagination is immediately projected onto a REAL screen.

What you are envisioning in your mind’s eye is instantly registered as reality.

  • So be super conscious on WHAT you are imagining at any time.
  • And… discover the WHY.

Understanding why your imagination is floating off to various places will bring to light the secret drivers of subconscious – and provide stunning solutions.

The answers to “why” questions yield invaluable insights.

It allows you to PURGE the stuff you didn’t see before – perfect to in our current 18/9 Universal Month of letting go and healing!

If your WHY is big enough, you can manifest anything.

In fact, asking WHY will initiate your imagination.

Once you find your WHY, you are ready to bring your imagination to life with inspired action.

For example, you could ask:

Why is it I feel most fulfilled when I …..

Why am I naturally drawn to ….

Once you know the answer to your WHY, your imagination will fire up and inspire the HOW.

That’s when you follow through.

And this month, due to the activation of the complete creativity triad in numerology, your imagination is speaking to you in a myriad of ways!

In fact, there are three especially potent days in June when the complete 3-6-9 is activated at an exponential level. You can discover which days will yield the greatest success in this month’s Premium Wealth Forecast.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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