intergalacticYesterday, while helping my daughter Clara prepare for a school science project, we came across an amazing article about two boy geniuses.

They are teenage math prodigies, with one of them also a pianist, which Clara especially thought was cool.

These two boys developed a math theorem that calculates problems FASTER than a computer!

Can you imagine?

The two developed this theorem while in high school. Thing is, they live on two different continents. One of the boys, Ivan Zelich lives in Australia and the other, Xuming Liang, who is originally from Guangzhou in China, now lives in San Diego.

Both are now 17 years old, which in itself is highly significant – considering the legacy they are leaving behind already for humanity.

17 is the “Leave a lasting legacy behind” number!

The theorem that these two ended up solving will change the face of math – and enable Intergalactic SPACE TRAVEL!

So here’s what’s so wonderful about this teen pair of prodigies.

They met online in a math forum.

Ivan noticed that Xuming was working on the same math problem at the same time. His first message to Xuming was: “nice solution but you can improve on it.”

He noticed Xuming was a soul-brother – the only person who spoke “Math” like he did.

So they worked together initially on solving that first “open problem” (an “open problem” is a problem that no one has ever been able to solve.) It took them 2 months to solve it.

Then they realized something. They could simplify that solution even further, make it user-friendly.

And the magic began!

One unique thing about this pair of prodigies is that their time difference on two separate continents allows them to work around the clock. So when one boy stopped and went to bed, the other took over.

It took them six months of round the clock collaboration.

They perfected it and came up with a solution.

And they did it just as Jupiter entered Virgo and during the POWER and Infinite Resources of our current 8 Universal Year:

  • 8 symbolizes leadership, success and eternal life and this theorem may also one day lead humans to intergalactic travel.
  • 8 and their ages – 17/8 – magnify the power and lasting effect of this moment.
  • And Jupiter in Virgo expands perfection, solutions, service – including wonderful breakthroughs in science!

Ivan wraps up the meaning of this astro-numerology code beautifully when he exclaimed, “ We combined our powers for amazing successes.”

Liang- Zelich TheoremHe says about the actual theorem that, “it helps people understand geometrical structures better. It allows one to join the dots and relate different things together, which in the end usually leads to a quick solution.

“As a result, it reduces calculations significantly, and out-performs methods and theorems that were discovered previously. For example, a five-page proof was reduced to four lines with one application of the theorem.”

Wow… we live in amazing times.

When two teenage geniuses meet on the internet, join forces to expand on what they love to do most, and in the process help humanity.

Mathematicians at a recent conference in Washington D.C., where Ivan presented the pair’s discovery, said they believe it will have massive applications in the future of mathematics.

How else does this theorem tie into Jupiter in Virgo and the infinity number 8?

Jupiter is expanding the qualities in Virgo that are related to quantum physics, intricate problems that need meticulous study, attention to detail and a focus on perfection.

This new theorem solved a problem on an intricate, minute, meticulous level:

Zelich says,  ‘The theorem itself is concerned with finding an infinite set of triangles satisfying a particular property, or just lying on a particular locus. Our theorem proved that two seemingly different loci were in fact the same.

And to prove this, we actually found many sub-results, each being so significant that they probably deserve a theorem of their own.'

In other words: they brought together infinity (number 8 and 17/8) in the “infinite set of triangles”.

Then Zelich talks about proving that “two seemingly different loci were in fact the same”.

A locus is a set of all points that share a property. If you draw a few points that start to look like they form a circle and then add more and more points, until you actually have a circle, that is called a locus.

(Yes, I love math and geometry, being an astro-numerologist and composer! If you're stumped, keep reading there is a miraculous message here. 🙂

So these two boys proved that what seemed to be separate, was actually in the same place.

OMG, this is so significant to the theme we are ALL experiencing now!

Seeing that ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL.

Energy YOU emit – words you speak, thoughts you think, feelings you feel – affect EVERYONE, particularly the people close to you.

Finally Zelich explained that, in proving this, they also found many other “sub-results” all of which were so significant that they in turn deserve additional theorems.

This is ALL Jupiter in Virgo and number 8 stuff!

I love how this wonderful story of two boys on different continents solving a math problem that takes us into the realms of inter-galactic space travel reminds us to join together, share and communicate, and in doing so, expound deeply into new channels of understanding …

… To discover miracles!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. ivan zelich November 10, 2015 at 12:04 am - Reply

    thank you 🙂


  2. Kris December 3, 2015 at 9:37 am - Reply

    I have just come across your site in a numerical journey of my own. This story has a direct link i believe to work of my own especially seeing the diagrams. I believe the absolute genius requires 3 and not just 2. yet 2 & 3 are invariably linked. You mention the number 8 often here and they work around 8 and 17 ( the digital expansion of 8 or vice versa ) So I give you this sequence. 2,4,8 – Study it and ‘everything’ around it and you will start finding a ‘lot’ of things. Yet there is so much more. I am learning and on a journey using number that is painting the universe that not only talks space / time / dimensional travel but also offers co-ordinates, dates, even navigational processes and more than I wish to go into much more detail on right now. I believe there should be enough here plus considering if the boy’s see this i think they will understand clearer than anyone else number is not purely number. There both is & is not. There is interior exterior and balance / harmony.

    If willing to talk a bit more pls email me as this journey through, shape, form, sciences, art and more all based in math needs to be shared but can only be done so with the best of intentions and with those who will understand it.



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