Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, is conjunct (joined with) the Sun at 20° Capricorn.

It's another wonderful opportunity to PURGE belief systems that taught you to be weak and powerless. A chance to wake up to your tremendous inner strength and resilience.

A wakeup call to say NO to the old system of control and HELLO to your divine given right to create your life as YOU please.

Game’s over once you relinquish the indoctrination and set yourself free.

Sun (Light) merged with Pluto (Power) = Enlightenment.

Follow the Light.

What delights you?

Who is delightful to BE with?

What lights you up when you engage with it?

Conversely – what thoughts are you still paying attention to that place blame on others? What complaints are you still harboring in your heart that are weighing you down?

If you flip that switch and focus all your precious time and energy on what you CAN do that’s positive and pro-active, you’re transforming your life on the spot.

Positive Action = Transformation.

Responsibility = Healing.

Pure magic.

  • The issue is not what the low vibrational beings and leaders on the planet are doing. (They’ll keep on doing the same as always).
  • The issue is what the good, high vibrational people on our planet are NOT doing.

As a good person, what can you do to inspire others?

As a positive person, what can you do to uplift others?

As a spiritual person, what can you do to bring high vibrational energy into any conversation?

As a self-educated person, what can you do to share wisdom to inform others?

As an independent spirit, what can you do to help set people free?

  • Never underestimate the work that ONE good person can do to inspire others.


Every day that you can share love, wisdom, laughter, knowledge is a day LIGHT expands on Earth.

And be patient.

Everything is a process.

It takes time to unfold.

But the earlier you plant the seed, the quicker the fruits will appear.

Each piece of fruit bears seeds which grow more trees…

  • The current Capricorn emphasis reinforces self-empowerment through responsibility and transparency.

Your seeds won’t bear fruit without you pruning the tree.

Let go. It's OK. You'll feel so much better!

Embrace your right to rebirth, redo, reframe, revise – your revision allows you to SEE life with new eyes, a new mindfulness that's positively exhilarating.

The angelic realms are rejoicing!

The faster you are willing to release fears about stepping up as the leader of your destiny  –fully accepting that no one on this Earth but YOU decides the level of your growth, happiness and success – the EASIER your transition into a life of freedom and celebration, bountiful opportunities and overflowing love will be.

So take this Pluto/Sun in Capricorn conjunction as another gift from the celestial realms to rejoice in your true magnificence.

You are powerful. Trust. Follow your yearning to go forth and claim your happiness.

Go and play!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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