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singer Amy Winehouse had to cancel her whole European tour after struggling to
keep her balance during a concert in Belgrade.


The chart-topping
singer is known for her drug and alcohol abuse – her first hit single ‘Rehab'
won four Grammys in 2006 and launched her career as a major artist.


cancelled tour, which was billed as Winehouse's comeback, is a major blow to
her career.


life showcases the fabulous and shadow side of number 5.


She was born on 9.14.1983. Her 14
Day of Birth reduces to 5, a number of the 5 senses. People with a major 5 in
their AstroNumerology birth charts love to explore. After all, this is a number
of risk, travel, fun, magnetism and adventure.


The shadow side of the 5 is
over-indulging in the 5 senses, which can lead to addiction. Then the dynamic
energy of the 5 is dissipated and weakened through irresponsibility.


5 faces both left and right, the
only number to do so. 5 stands for freedom and change. The greatest 5's show us
how being free is rooted in flexibility and acute awareness. To be able to bend
to all change, like a tree in the wind.


Amy's 14/5 Day of Birth gives her
a restless energy. It also connects her to the Media Number, a hugely powerful
asset in her life.


5 people love constant movement and can find it hard to be
still, unless they also have one of the three grounding manifestation numbers –
2,4,8 – prominently displayed in their birth blueprint. Amy's important numbers
are 5, 7 and 9
, so this
is not the case for her.


Right now until September, Amy Winehouse is in a 17/8 Personal


8 is a manifestation number so she has an opportunity to
ground and balance her life right now.


For Amy, the number 8 is also very
confronting since it is in conflict with both her 9 Life Purpose and 7 Destiny.
So her 8 cycles are times for Amy to step up to the plate and confront the
stuff she might not really want to look at.


And that is what is happening
right now.


Plus – and this is key – her name ‘Amy
Winehouse' resonates to 13/4 – a challenging current name number.


4 and 8 have a unique, magnetic
relationship to each other. In combination these two numbers can trigger
fateful or destined events. With her 13/4 current name and 8 Personal Year
right now, this fateful equation is really active for her. Plus 13 is about
sudden change, life-death-rebirth, so it is no surprise, given her decisions,
that Amy's life seems to be in shock right now.


Additionally, her actual name has
the words ‘Wine' and ‘House' in it, it can activate her addictions.


Words carry meanings. Since
‘Winehouse' is combined with the number 13/4 for ‘Amy Winehouse', it triggers
her addiction more.


Here's the good news. She has the
word ‘Win' embedded in her name as well. Just like Oprah ‘Win'frey. In fact,
she even has ‘My Win'. So, she has been given the tools she needs to transform
her life. We always are. Not one of us is born without tools to succeed and


Amy has a choice – and this year especially, since we are
all making decisions about walking through the 11 gateway in 2011.


Two Grounding and Manifestation numbers, 4 and 8, are
activated in her life right now, so Amy can choose to ground and balance her
life more easily now than ever. I hope she does
– especially before she
enters her fast-paced 14/5 Personal Year in September.


Your numbers are the symbols of your life, always
communicating with you, always bringing you in-depth messages and important


Go discover your current AstroNumerology
– and empower your life.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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