Last week I was interviewed about numbers for a new movie documentary. As the director was leaving our home, he asked me about his working title.

I took a look and made some suggestions. Then I explained why certain movie titles do better than others.

For example – the hit ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year.' The words of the title add up to 23/5, showing many will flock to see the movie.

It was released on October 24, with 24/6 indicating abundance and fortune.
The whole date adds up to 17/8 – the Immortality Number. So kids for generations will be watching.

Earlier this year a movie about blackjack called '21' did far better than expected. That's interesting. Since 21 indicates victory after a long struggle and is a really fortunate name vibration.

While at the movies on Saturday we noticed another new release for kids called ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.' That title adds up to 19 without the number 2 in the title. When adding the number 2, you get 21 – the same as for the movie '21'. Both versions are really fortunate name numbers. So Madagascar will do well.

Amazingly it was also released on a 19 date, reinforcing this highly fortunate number. ‘Titanic' the highest-grossing film is also a 19 title. It was released on the 19th of December.

Doubling up any number really intensifies its qualities. When that number is fortunate, you can expect great results.

So ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' will do very well at the box office.

Another recent summer blockbuster movie was ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.' It adds to 8. The single 8 current name shows power and abundance.

This movie was Also released on a 17/8 date, activating the double number phenomenon as well.

On Saturday evening Clay and I attended a movie together – something we haven't done for ages.

My husband, a world-class violinist and leader of orchestras in many of the movies you've seen, must have had a past life as a fiddle player in the Wild West. He loves westerns. He loves horses. And so on Saturday we checked out ‘Appaloosa.' An entertaining western, especially the second half. The scenery and acting was fantastic.

Now, based on the numbers, I don't expect this movie to create a big stir. Though it's definitely not a loser either. It's what I call a mixed recipe – not bad, not great.

The name ‘Appaloosa' adds up to 39 which reduces to 12/3. That's not one of the big success-at-the-box-office numbers. 12 symbolizes the victim or being victimized. If you see the film, you'll see why this number is a great description for the main story line.

The official release day occurred on October 3, 2008. Here we see the 3 yet again. The good news is, the double 3 encourages a buzz about the movie from word-of-mouth. 3 is about self-expression and talking.

Also – the whole date adds up to 14/5, the Media Number. So I expect this film will gather steam.

Though it doesn't have the name and numbers which create blockbusters and big earnings at the box office.

Just like movies You have a name and a release dates. Your release date is your birthday. Your activator is your current name.

Be sure your life is influenced by a positive, successful fortunate name number. Get your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?‘ report here –

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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