On Monday the unthinkable happened in China. National hero Liu Xiang pulled out of the Olympics.

Liu became the first male Chinese track and field Olympic gold medal winner in 2004. His fame is as great in China as any rock star in the West.

Fittingly, this superstar 110 meter hurdler has the same 32/5 Life Purpose Number as Olympic Champion gymnast Shawn Johnson and the great Michael Phelps.

So his win in his home country this week was always deemed a given. In fact, Liu's gold was considered essential by the Chinese media. For many Chinese the most important segment of these Olympics began on Monday, August 18.

Liu was due to compete in his first heat that day.

Can you imagine the pressure on this young man. Not only from his countrymen and women but also from his big name advertisers.

Then a shocking thing happened. He pulled out in his first round heat after another runner made a false start. The crowd was stunned into silence. Tears flowed.

As it turns out, Liu was hampered by a long-time hamstring injury.

So I was curious about his current name and numbers.

I decided to look at his Personal Year in 2008 and 2004 first. Both good, with the added benefit in 2004 giving him that extra edge – Liu had a 17/8 Personal Year in Athens. As we have seen with Michael Phelps and others, the 17/8 is key to immortalizing an athlete's performance. Which is exactly what happened to Liu Xiang at the last Olympics in Greece.

Now he's in a 21/3 Personal Year. So what happened.

21 personal years are often very rewarding cycles. I looked more closely at his numbers. He doesn't have any 3, 6 or 9s in his blueprint. This means his 21/3 Personal Year, though helpful, wasn't tying into any of his personal numbers.

Compare that to 2004, his 17/8 year. The 8 activated two of his important numbers.

Then I noticed Liu won his first World Championship Gold last year. Again his Personal Year tied into his Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Finally I checked his current name. ‘Liu Xiang' adds up  to a neutral number – 25/7 – neither helpful nor very  challenging. Since Liu is born on a 13/4 Day, I'd like him to have a more fortunate name. A good name will help him overcome obstacles during ANY cycle. It would also help him to heal faster from any lingering injury.

Numbers can affect you in very immediate ways as well.

This morning I after exercising I did something unusual for me. I turned on the tv. After Shawn Johnson's win on the beam last night I heard she and Nastia were going to be interviewed this morning.

Shawn made a very interesting comment.

Before her beam final last night she was feeling under the weather.  This was confirmed by her coach as well. He told Shawn to ‘wake up.' To seize the moment of a lifetime.

So she practiced her full beam routine an unheard of seven times right before going on to the floor to compete. Finally the seventh practice was mistake free.

Then it was her time to go.

As we all know, her eighth performance, the one that counted, won her the gold.

This morning Shawn made a specific reference about her 8th routine bringing her gold. What Shawn may  not know is that the number 8 is particularly important to her personally.

1. 8 is a great number for athletes since it symbolized infinite strength and abundance.

2. Her name ‘Shawn Johnson' adds up to a simple 8, not a 26/8, 35/8 or 44/8. This single digit name number gives her the strength and power – the words everyone uses to describe her style of gymnastics – to win.

You might be wondering why an 8 is a good number for a current name. Like I said she has a single 8. Just like 2004 Olympic All Around Champion Carly Patterson who was ALSO known for her powerful style of gymnastics. In their case the 8 name was very helpful.

Nastia Liukin has a 15/6 name. This number is about alchemy and magic.

Notice her name number describes Nastia's style to a tee as well. Her elegance is magical. Her performances transcend the sport. Liukin's legacy is that she created a magical alchemy in her routines.

What's fascinating to me is how the meaning of their current names reflects in these athletes.

As for Michael Phelps' highly fortunate 27/9 current name – it signifies compassionate leadership. In the future I expect Phelps to apply his immense fame and fortune  by inspiring, helping and teaching adults and children alike how to focus and overcome perceived obstacles like a champion.

Of course, there's always the possibility of more from Phelps during the 2012 Olympics in London. Just think, he'll be 27 years old. A number that ties in directly to his fortunate 27 name.

Consider Michael is 23 right now. As I said off the top, Phelps' Life Purpose is 32. Notice the mirroring effect in play for him this year. Very powerful.

As you can see, numbers can be activated in the most unique ways. Knowing your personal numbers is key to helping you to take advantage of your unique qualities. Just like Shawn Johnson got the gold with her 8th routine, you will notice how your own personal numbers appear in unusual ways in your daily life as well.

Start activating the best in you by ensuring your current name isn't causing obstacles in your life.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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