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Yesterday it was announced that
Sandra Bullock's movie The Blind Side made history.


It's the first movie with a female
lead to make more than 200 millyon at the box office. Over the weekend The Blind
reached the 208,000,000 mark. Previous record was Julia Robert's film
‘Erin Brockovich' at 125.6 millyon.


Fittingly, Sandra Bullock had some
amazing numbers going for her in 2009. And so did her film.


Let's look at the actress first.


In 2009 Bullock was in a 26/8
Personal Year. This is a very powerful vibration, especially for her. Sandra
was born on the 26th. Not only that, her Life Purpose Number,
derived from her full birthday, is also an 8.


With a double 8 in her birth
blueprint, any 8 personal cycle is hugely important for Sandra.


Since 8 is the leadership number
of strength and survival, it was perfectly activated for the current leading
lady in Hollywood last year.


Notice that in 2009 Bullock
starred in the most financially successful films of her career, The Proposal and The Blind Side. And to put the icing on the cake, she also
earned dual Golden Globe nominations – one for each performance.


Her birth blueprint reveals clues
about her career choice.


Sandra Bullock was born with a 68
Destiny Number. 68 reduces to 14/5, which I refer to as the ‘Media Number.'
Your Destiny describes how you will fulfill your career, so for Bullock, being
a leading movie actress and running her own production company, is perfect.


As for her current name, ‘Sandra
Bullock', it adds up to the highly fortunate 15/6. Now for most of my clients
who have 4 or 8 Life Purpose or Day of Birth like Sandra, I would not recommend
a 15 name.


That's because, combining 15
current name with an important 4 or 8 in your birthday, can result in
challenging events.


For Sandra, the 15 has definitely
attracted both fame and fortune as well challenges. For example, in 2000 she
survived the crash of a chartered business jet at Jackson Hole Airport in


In 2008, while Bullock was
shooting The Proposal, she and her
husband were in an SUV that was hit head on at moderate speed by a drunken


So, though the fortunate 15 name
has given her compelling charisma and magnetism, wealth and the gift to bring
happiness to others – she has to be careful.


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Now let's look at her hit movie, The Blind


It was released on November 20,
2009. This date adds up to 14/5 – the Media Number. Not only is that a fantastic
release date, but it also activates Sandra Bullock's 14/5 Destiny Number. And
that's not all.


The current name number for The Blind
is 15/6. As I said, a highly fortunate number. Amazingly this movie
title activates Sandra Bullock's 15/6 name as well.


What a fantastic numerology story.


These numbers show us that Sandra
Bullock's life was lined up for major success in 2009.


I want the same for you in 2010.


Be sure you are the master of your
own personal numbers. Especially your current name.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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