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When another war begins, as happened
on Saturday, the symbolism speaks volumes.


March is a month that the ancients
often started wars. The ‘Ides of March' celebrated by the Romans, was a festive
day filled with military parades dedicated to the god Mars, for which March is


In Rome with its Mediterranean
climate, March was the first month of Spring – the beginning of military


It is of interest then, that the
Iraq war began 8 years ago on March 20 – the first day of Spring.


In fact the number 8 also figures
in Saturday's date – 3.19.2011 adds up to 17/8, the Immortality number.


Even the name ‘Operation Odyssey
Dawn' is a 17/8.


So, already we know, this war is
about power. It will leave a legacy.


On March 19 the strikes began
right as the moon sun and earth were approaching the perigee and sysygy
alignment explained on Friday.


BBC News reported at 16:00
Universal Time that the French Air Force had sent 19 fighter planes over
Benghazi. 19 planes on March 19. A new beginning. Befitting the name ‘Operation
Odyssey Dawn.'


Then, at 16:45 GMT, the first
French plane fired a missile.


16:00 and 16:45 are significant
numbers. They both contain the number 16/7. The first attack in this whole
operation began at 16:45, and that number even adds up to 16.


Mummar al-Gaddafi is in a 16/7
Personal Year.


The protests in Libya began on
February 16.


When a number appears again and
again, it carries a strong message. For the 16, the message is – a person or entity
with a crown on his or her head being struck by lightning and falling from a
high place.


Libya certainly has a crown on her
head. Libya is the 10th highest oil producing country in the world.
The oil is very high grade and Libya's economy depends largely on its revenues
derived from petroleum. With a small population, these oil revenues gave the Libya
the highest GDP in Africa.


That is now history.


Why is the Western coalition of
countries so worried about Gaddafi?


They don't send the military to
strike Syria, Sudan, Bahrain, Rwanda, and so many other sovereign nations when
there is internal strife.


Why not go into those countries?
Because, if no one in the coalition has anything to loose, they leave a country
with internal strife alone to defend itself from itself. In other words, they
don't care.


However, when the interests of the
coalition are threatened, they attack.


These interests are usually tied
to business. And a lie is told. The lie is – we are doing this for humanitarian
reasons, to help the oppressed people of this country. The truth is, the ONLY
reason they go to war is to protect their own interest.


Again, the proof lies in the fact
that war is never declared on countries where there is nothing of ‘value' at


Very rarely is a war started for
humanitarian reasons.


Look at the numbers 2011. 20 and
11 in geopolitical terms means that Relationships and Diplomacy are to be Balanced.
11 symbolizes balancing the spiritual and material and 2 is the number of
compassion, diplomacy and cooperation.


When these numbers are activated
in fear, the flipside of the 2 and the 11 is – Deception creates Division.


And since 2011 adds up to 4, every
creation is being manifested into physical reality.


I am not defending Gaddafi's
actions. At the same time I see a big trap being laid yet again by political
leaders in order to support their agenda of self-interest.


The biggest challenge for humanity
is lack of compassion – the absence of Love.


Love, peace and tolerance are in
the same family. They CREATE family. With love in your heart, you cannot be
intolerant of other people. You cannot separate yourself from others.


2011 is a year to wake up to how
the world is run. How our personal and the Earth's resources are being spent.


A change of consciousness has
already begun.


Number 11 small.png

The 11 in 2011 presents us with
big decisions. What we decide will either keep us feeling divided or bring us
into a state of grace and balance. All of us are being asked to decide – what
do we want to be? Not, what does someone else want for you.


I want to be fully conscious,
fully aware. I want to grow, always, and be who I want to be.


And here is the kicker.


By being who I WANT to be, I allow
others to do the same.


If I see others as sad, I project
that on them. Instead of projecting what I don't know to be true, instead of
believing what others believe about themselves, I choose a higher vibration, an
uplifting thought.


At the same time, everyone chooses
to see himself or herself in a certain way. Love is the art of Allowing
everyone to live their life as they see fit. To not deny them their chosen experience.
To not judge anyone for the path they have chosen.


This is the balance. To remain
still and at peace at all times.


Then, if help is asked for, do so
only to empower that person or nation. Offer help that creates independence –
not dependence. Otherwise, it is a power trip.


Imagine a world where everyone is
self sufficient and can live in dignity.


2011 is a very powerful year,
because we are being prompted to stay balanced. To always
approach everything from a state of compassion.


Yes, 2011 is a breakthrough year.
The 11 gateway is wide open. Truth is more visible than ever before. We have
never had so much opportunity, individually and collectively, to create so much.


Now decide what you want to


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. To create
your highest spiritual and physical goals and make them reality, look at the
symbolism of your personal numbers in 2011. You will see how all is prepared
for you.