A few days ago I caught a wonderful story about a little start-up company called Tom’s Shoes.
It’s only been two years since Tom’s Shoes launched.
Founder Blake Mycoskie escaped to spend some time in Argentina after coming in second in The Amazing Race in 2005. After learning how to play competitive polo, sail and dance the tango, he was sitting in a field one day and had an epiphany.
Tom said to himself that he wanted to start a shoe company and, for every pair of shoes he sold, he was going to give one pair away in Argentina to a child in need. He then spent a couple months meeting with shoe and fabric-makers in Argentina and named his new self-financed company, Tom’s Shoes.
Within 9 months Tom’s Shoes was featured in a full-page story in Time Magazine. One month later, Oprah magazine had a feature too.
I saw a little clip about Tom’s Shoes on CNN and decided on the spot to do the numbers.
No surprise at what I found. ‘Tom’s Shoes’ adds up to the Media Number –14/5. All things related to publicity, tv, the internet, publishing is covered by this fortunate fibration. No wonder he’s gotten so much publicity so fast. That name is a huge factor in why his little business is doing so well.
In fact, he’s selling shoes in stores all over the U.S. now. And giving pairs of shoes away in Africa and Asia as well. You can even book vacations with his company – go sight seeing for a couple days and then hand out shoes for another four. Very ingenious.
Letters of any name, whether business name, a movie, a website or a product, add up to numbers which WILL affect it’s success.
Your own personal name is no exception. It will influence every part of your life.
Thing is, most people have more than one name. You may use a middle initial on your bank account or credit card, and take it out in your email correspondence and bills. So you really have two or more names. When more than one name is used, the end result is that each number is diluted.
Having only ONE current name which adds up to a GOOD number is very important. This goes for business names as well.
Take it from Tom’s Shoes. He’s a living example of what a great name can do for you. Now be sure Is My Name Fortunate? is helping you too.
You can also get the Fortunate Name Report as part of your Personal Numerology Blueprint.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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