baeth.jpgI'm hosting a special complimentary Tele-Seminar on Tuesday.

I want to introduce you to my good friend, Baeth Davis. When Baeth gave me my first reading, I was in tears.

You see, Baeth is an amazing Hand-Analyst. She has taken, what is more commonly referred to as ‘palmistry', to a totally new level. Her intuitive insights are spot-on. Baeth just KNOWS what you have to look at in order to Break Through to the next level.

To be intuitive – and ALL of us have ‘psychic power' – you simply step OUT of your mind into the realm of feelings. All ‘intuitive hits' are FELT. The more you act on your intuitive hunches, the more your intuition expands.

Baeth has an expanded her psychic ability to timeless level.

When she reads your palms and your fingerprints, she feels energy and vibrations. The key to a great intuitive or psychic is – she never questions her intuitive hits. It is the questioning and doubting – “Did I really see that? Was it there at all?” – that sends the answer away. To be psychic, you have to be ‘out of your mind.'

Your intuition resides in your Soul.

Fittingly, Baeth is known as ‘The Palm Pilot For The Soul Of Your Business.'

She sees your soul's purpose and your true Gifts … as well as your Penalties if you choose not to implement your gifts.

On Tuesday Baeth and I will merge two ancient spiritual sciences, Hand Analysis and Numerology. You can literally say of this call – strength comes in numbers!

During this FREE Tele-Class you will learn:

— How your Hands and Numbers reveal the SAME Purpose.

— Why fingerprints are not genetic, but your Soul's imprint. (Did you know fingerprints NEVER change, and that even identical twins can have totally different fingerprints?).

— How the Gifts in your hands are actually holding you BACK from unleashing your Life Purpose… and you don't even know it.

— Why the message in your hands and numbers is SO important going into the Big Shift in 2012.

If you don't know Baeth, this is a GREAT opportunity to get to know her and her passion about finding and living your Life Purpose.

I encourage you to join Baeth Davis and me on our FREE Tele-Seminar on Tuesday.

You can go here to gain INSTANT ACCESS to this FREE Call:

Imagine finally understanding that the pain you are feeling is actually your doorway to Freedom, Prosperity and Service…

See you on the call!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. If you miss the call, we'll send you a link as soon as you register, so you can hear this special one-time ONLY Tele-Seminar at your convenience. Just sign up here.

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