Discover-Happy-FlowerJanuary's 8 Universal Month and 2014's 7 Universal Year numbers integrate the material with the spiritual in an unprecedented way.

This code brings big opportunities.

Spirit and Matter form the essence of life as we know it.

8 represents energy and motion.

7 symbolizes stillness and inspiration.

When the two are separated you feel as if there is not enough clean, fresh air to breathe. Your soul feels confined to the mundane.

Spirit without matter leaves you adrift – like a ship without a rudder. You are powerless to steer your gifts into a clear direction, because you have no real purpose.

Do you have a sense of what your spiritual purpose is?

It feels like your mission and compels you to buy books, take courses and surround yourself with the topic that inspires you most.

Your mission nourishes you like nothing else.

When both your spiritual purpose and your material drive are aligned, your power is limitless because you feel whole, complete and invincible.

If you can activate your spiritual quest and receive money for doing so, while using your material wealth to create more spiritual fulfillment, you are being a pure channel of love and inspiration. You are leaving a legacy and having a profound impact on the world around you.

7 and 8 form a powerful code this month.

This is where YOU come in.

Ask yourself – what you would love to create in your life? Ask the questions from both the 7 and 8 perspective: So, what would you love to create spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally – with family, career-wise, mentally and socially?

Do you know what will happen to you if you DON'T ask yourself these questions?

If you don't decide the direction your life is going on your OWN, someone else decides it FOR you. You will not steer the ship, because you have no rudder, no passionate goal that fulfills you from the inside out.

Commit every fiber of your being to creating the life you want.

What you love and dedicate your life to is your spiritual mission. It can be anything. Yes, any career, any vocation, any passion. But it must feel divinely inspired, where there is no choice but to move toward that goal.

Revisit your spiritual mission and align it with your prosperity values. Do this every day.

This is the big secret of living a meaningful, prosperous life.

True fulfillment – an energy that fills every fiber of your being – comes from uniting your spiritual cause with your material drive.

By unifying spirit and matter.

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Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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