Intuitive Counseling Call with Tania Gabrielle

Tania will connect to you through your Astro-Numerology Soul birth code and future forecast map to help you through important decisions, questions and any new directions in your life.

You will discover the most optimal timing and location for manifesting your core desires – so you create an even greater, more positive impact. Tania will help you refine your vision by mapping out the highest vibrational outcomes in total alignment with your Astro-Numerology cycles. Ask for guidance on one to three topics, including whether your current name vibration is fortunate or not, the meaning of your Life Purpose, Destiny, the nature of your Divine Mission, personal or business partnerships, future timelines to PLAN for optimal outcomes, address numbers, fortunate dates for important events, and your astro-cartography (best locations for you to live and travel to). 30 min.