When a former U.S President is
hospitalized it is major news. Yesterday Jimmy Carter was taken to a hospital
in Cleveland for stomach pain.


He's fine. And his book tour will
resume shortly. So that is good news.


Jimmy Carter is in a 14/5 Personal
Year right now. 5 faces left at the top and right at the bottom, indicating
many sudden changes of direction.


5 also covers travel, adventure
and the media.


Carter's book tour certainly is a
media-related event and involves lots of travel.


What makes this number even more
important for Carter is that it exactly matches his 59/14/5 Destiny Number.


So it makes perfect sense then
that he is in the limelight for a book entitled ‘White House Diary'. A book
that talks about his life as President – his Destiny/career.


But here is something else that is


Carter turns 86 years old on


86 ALSO reduces to 14/5.


When your exact two-digit Destiny
or Life Purpose is activated by both your Personal Year and your current age –
it is a hugely important time in your life.


The fact that 14 happens to
reflect the Media means that Carter's life will be in the spotlight – as it was


Since 5 cycles are so
unpredictable, former President Carter must be careful. Yes, he'll want to be
incredibly active and adventurous all year long, but he must rest and not
overdo it.


Fortunately he has a good name.
‘Jimmy Carter' resonates to 19/10/1 and points to someone who has been
immensely fortunate in his life.


While he was ‘President Jimmy
Carter' he did not fare quite as well. But that is another story.


Whether you are President or not,
your current name sets the stage about HOW your life feels. Your name activates
your birth blueprint either positively or negatively.


Be sure the name you use today is
helping you to surpass all obstacles and succeed.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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