Last month U.S. diplomacy experienced
a shock. This was generated in part by the combination of numbers 16/7 and 5
that were active for the U.S. at the time.

WikiLeaks was the culprit.


Now it is Julian Assange's turn. Today
he has the numbers 16/7 and 5 activated too. Except with him – there are even
more triggers.


Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was
arrested in London this morning. He was not charged – just being asked
questions. However, based on his current cycles, I believe he will be
experiencing major challenges.


Look at the lineup of numbers for
him today – the day of his arrest.


Assange is in a 13/4 Personal


Today is a 13/4 Universal Day.


December is a 16/7 Personal Month.


Today is the 7th of
December – Pearl Harbor Day.


Today is a 23/5 Personal Day for


ALL of these numbers are extremely
dynamic – especially in combination. Together they tell a story of tremendous
change, transformation and explosive events.


A recipe like this indicates
Julian Assange will be facing much volatility in the future.


He also has a challenging current
name, which is not helping matters. ‘Julian Assange' resonates to 11/2, not
recommended as your current name frequency as it will always leave him with a
sense of division and incompletion.


‘WikiLeaks' on the other hand, has
a highly fortunate 24/6 current name number. Hence WikiLeaks incredible rise to
headline  the top of all international
news outlets.


One other interesting note.


Assange turned himself in at a
London police station at 9:30 AM this morning – a time which adds up to 12/3.


The City of Westminster Magistrate
Court then has 21 days to decide whether to extradite him. 21 reduces to three
and is a reverse mirror of the 12/3.


We are in the 12th month
– 12/3.


It is 2010 – a 3 Universal Year.


For Julian Assange, this means he
feels victimized and will be seen as the victimizer. For WikiLeaks these
numbers indicate more global impact in the future. This is because all the
numbers are interconnected in relation to 2010, so they are communicating with
each other about events happening NOW. This also indicates further movement in
the future.


All of us have cycles. You also
carry a current name frequency, which impacts your current cycles every day.


Know which numbers active in your
life. Right now is the perfect time to surpass all obstacles and take your life
to the next level.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle