Today U.S. economists were stunned about the dismal job growth report.

June 2012 was always going to be a month that goes down in the history books as a Game-Changer.

In the next days and weeks so many key numbers codes and astrological transits are occurring simultaneously that outward events must reflect the inner shift (or chaos) that is being felt within all of us.

June 2012 is going to be stormy!

Of course, an occasional big storm is a good thing. Storms electrify, renew and energize us. The strong winds clear the air of old, worn beliefs and usher in a new perspective on life.

Fearing a storm is like fearing your graduation from high school. These moments are memorable milestones for a reason. They catapult us into a powerfully paradoxical moment of self-reflection and action like nothing else does!

The ancients called these moments – Initiations…

Today’s shock about much lower than expected job growth is just ONE indication that the world is changing.

This is neither good nor bad. It is REALITY.

If you want to thrive in the 21st century you must both act on your own behalf and join a community of doers who want to thrive along with you.

The 2000s are about sharing, supporting and empowering each other in communities of our choosing – this is a very different dynamic from the 1000s we only left behind 12 years ago.

Support and empowerment always begins at home, with YOU.

So, as you hear the news this month, take a moment and reflect. Ask yourself: “Does this news inspire me to ACT – or does it throw me for a loop… a treadmill of tears I’ve willingly accepted as ‘reality’?”

If the latter, you have chosen to learn through challenges and discomfort. It is a valid way to grow, but one the 2000’s are gently helping to re-align and transcend. Now when you feel stuck, reach out! Contact other sources, ask questions, CONNECT, get feedback. This is the millennium of Communication.

You will be supported, if you ask for help in a spirit of gratitude.

Specifically this month you have a perfect moment to learn how you can choose to create your own reality.

June is a moment in time when the numbers and planets are about to trigger a mind-blowing evolution. The tension created this month will continue to prepare us to more easily release our fears in the name of FREEDOM.

Here’s the basic numerology:

June is an 11 Universal Month of Double New Beginnings, Truth and Action.

2012 is a 5 Universal Year of FREEDOM – the Shift that comes from embracing adventure, risk, change and making pivotal decisions.

Bringing both the 11 and the 5 together like this is akin to a spiritual volcanic release. A supreme pivot point will no doubt occur in all or part of your life. It is the inherent tension between these two frequencies, 5 and 11, that is generating sweeping changes now.

Astrologically June brings MAJOR game-changes as well.

Be open now as your beliefs and relationships undergo radical renewal… Welcome to a pivotal moment in time!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. I'll reveal the stunning correlations and messages for June in a special Astro-Numerology forecast video coming shortly.