Right now, in June,
the ability to
manifest your goals, thoughts and feelings really gets a boost


The two numbers active in June add up to ‘Double


2011 is a 4 Universal Year, and 4 helps you bring
your goals and visions into physical manifestation.


And June, 2011 adds up to the ‘Instant Manifestation'
Number – 10.


Notice how 10 is made up of a
straight line with a circle. It represents ALL of life, since everything is created
by lines and curves. Even computer code is based on the numbers 1 and 0.


There is much more to share.

example, you will want to know the shadow side of number 10, in order to remain
grounded and balanced. So I just recorded your Forecast
Video for June. Watch it now and manifest an amazing month.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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