Jupiter harmonizing Pluto – Big Opportunities!

We are getting closer and closer to activating the defining transit of 2018…

Jupiter is retrograding (backwards motion) and moving towards a powerful 60° sextile with Pluto which will be exact next week.

A planet in retrograde deepens the impact, creating a profound internal awakening…

So Jupiter’s meeting with Pluto this time around will deepen your resolve and help you to tackle your abundance goals!

ANY meeting with Jupiter and Pluto bestows us with many blessings.

Over the next week you are being asked to focus especially on implementing a detailed framework for success, financial flow and money manifestation – This requires that an internal transformation takes place which you can take advantage of when you have total trust in your natural abundance attraction gifts.

Each one of us has a certain way to make fortune smile on us!

You’ll notice now how events in your life are demanding that you step confidently and joyfully into leadership.

Jupiter expands positively – Pluto empowers by transforming your life.

And since April is a 15/6 Universal Month of magic, alchemy, love and abundance already, it's a fantastic time for personal growth, professional shifts and forging into uncharted territory to generate many opportunities for advancement!

Jupiter sextile Pluto is your invitation to expand abundance… clear and simple.

Here’s what makes THIS next week's meeting between these two planets particularly exciting:

  • Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.
  • Jupiter is currently IN Scorpio!

Jupiter is in Pluto’s “home territory” strengthening the bond with Pluto while making contact in a happy way.

So… how does this affect you?

  • You’ll feel an increase in your power and influence.
  • You may have a stronger interest in spiritual subjects, philosophy, music and the importance of a positive mindset.
  • You have an urge to manifest positive change in the world around you.
  • ·The support you feel enhances your vibration so you focus more and more on what is in your highest good.
  • An increase in wealth creation and professional advancement is favored at this time.
  • Investments are multiplied.
  • You may have a strong urge to purge and reform a part of your life, which inevitably leads to hugely positive dividends in the future.
  • Another person may impact you in a powerful and positive way.

You may not realize this, but you have a NATURAL WAY to create abundance that is totally unique to you.

At the time you were born Jupiter was in a specific sign and house. In fact, you have three unique Jupiter Wealth zones in your birth chart and this Jupiter Wealth Code describes the unique ways you are DESIGNED to manifest wealth.

Take this wonderful opportunity now to discover YOUR personal Jupiter blessings!

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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