Jupiter RetrogradeWe’ve entered a momentous week in 2017…

Not only do we have a magnificently fortunate Lunar Eclipse in four days, but Jupiter has just turned retrograde.

Hours ago Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23° Libra – the Royal Star of the Lion number. During its retrograde cycle Jupiter will be moving back to 13° Libra before turning direct again on June 9. This is a very powerful call to integrate how you communicate in all your close relationships. Are you happy? Can you expand freely?

23 and 13 are the numbers of Freedom and Transformation.

Over the next four months you’ll have many opportunities to integrate new, refreshing values into all your close relationships.

How are you relating? Is there an equal exchange of energy, as symbolized by the balances – Libra?

Are you remembering that you and the other are first and foremost spiritual beings?

Jupiter in Libra in retrograde motions you to look WITHIN FIRST, so you enter every relationship inter-dependently.

An imbalanced relationship is co-dependent.

Co-dependency expresses itself as intense, possessive and controlling, where your two identities are enmeshed and there is a compulsive need to keep the other so tied to you that everything you say, think or do is calculated. You feel threatened by any differences that come up because you want the other to be just like you.

It’s a very imbalanced energy – with many ups and downs – from calm and good… to strong outbursts of friction as the roles of victim, victimizer and rescuer are played out.

You identify with each others moods – taking on each others happiness or frustration.

Jupiter in Libra requires that we stop repeating patterns that keep us mired in dysfunctional behavior.

During this retrograde you are balancing your need to control (or be controlled) so you can set yourself FREE.

Inter-dependent relating gives freedom of choice to both people – it is first and foremost about promoting growth, when partners act in each others best interest and give each other room and encouragement to express themselves in their unique way.

Each person has an individual soul-code which gives you a separate identity. Your unique mission gives you such joy and instills your heart with courage – and that creates a self-confidence that comes from WITHIN.

Inner strength does not require the other acquiesce to your demands.

There is a consistent, unwavering respect and each partner knows what to expect from the other in any given situation – each can TRUST each others commitment.

You love and care for the other – yet you do not take on their pain and issues as your own.

You are honest and wise – when something goes wrong, you immediately correct it.

This is the essence of Jupiter – Wisdom, Honesty, Expansion, and Trust.

During the next four months you will embrace all of these qualities – healthy balance and growth are your only options now.

Jupiter Retrograde cycle in Libra is an extraordinary opportunity to achieve rapid growth in an important area of your life. You can make GREAT strides now towards manifesting your dreams.

It is mandatory that you focus on your inner spiritual life in order to Manifest your dreams.

Meditation is your best source of inner contact with the divine.

Make room for quiet contemplation in your life – and do so every day. There are many forms of meditation – find what works for YOU.

Stay true to what brings you peace and joy. Surrender to shared happiness and shared goodness.

You are now in the midst of creating your greatest life ever.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Jel Davenport February 6, 2017 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    Thank you once again Tania. Always inspiring… Blessings

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