Last night a friend and I talked about relationships. And it made me realize that we have a very artificial way of keeping count, of holding others to their word.

We create contracts for marriage, for business and as promises, which are a verbal contract.

Here is the real danger of making a promise to another. A promise is made during a moment in time that you can never replicate again. A promise assumes you
know what the future will bring.

Therefore, promises are made to be broken. Don't count on others to keep their promises.

How many times have you made a promise only to regret it even moments later, because you have changed?

In 2012 we will come face-to-face with the promises we have made to others and others have made to us. We'll see this year that any declaration must be made only moment-to-moment.

When you love and respect another, there is no such thing as an obligation.

Promises always come with an obligation.

Remember that 2012 begins and ends with a 2… the number of one-on-one relationships.

The two 2's frame the number “01”.

0 and 1 (circles and lines) make up our universe. They
also form computer code.

0 symbolizes Female.

1 symbolizes Male.

2012 is the fusion, the balancing of the male and female within all of us in the realm of our relationships.

Since 2012 adds up to 5, the number of Freedom, our relationships will undergo a profound shift. Expect to be re-balanced this year in how you inter-act with every person in your life.

The essence of Freedom is to welcome Change.

Change is who you are. It is the only thing that is constant about you. You can't promise that you will be the same tomorrow as you are now. That would not be honest.

Therefore, all promises to another are actually keeping you from living your truth.

Instead of making a promise, see your life as a series of decisions and declarations made moment-to-moment.

Let's say you make a decision to be in a romantic partnership. In order for you BOTH to be free, don't promise this person that you will feel this way forever. Instead, make the decision over and over to love and cherish your partner. This makes your declaration of commitment a free choice. Plus you'll never resent your partner if your relationship changes down the road. (And it keeps the relationship fresh!)

Taking this example further, let's say your partner does not want to keep his promise to you, for whatever reason. Why would you want someone to keep an obligation against his wish? What does that accomplish, except friction and strife?

No person, nothing is worth holding on to against his or her will.

Yes, I know it sounds risky and hard, but this is the whole point of Freedom.

When you give another person their freedom, you are giving the gift of freedom to yourself.

You will begin to notice that, as hard as some decisions feel at first, you and the other person will be far better off letting go of something that is no longer working than holding on.

We have made our lives so complicated by wanting to control others around us to fit our view of life. Letting go and allowing another to do “As You Wish” is the key to inner peace and happiness.

2012 begins a whole new cycle in human history where we enable each other in the spirit of Freedom.

Nothing is guaranteed from now on. Except your Freedom to change.

And that is good news!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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