Kevin_TrudeauLast week a friend texted me about Kevin Trudeau‘s 10-year jail sentence.

You may have come across Trudeau’s “Natural Cures No One Wants You to Know About”, as I did years ago.

After reading my friend’s text, the first thing I wanted to check was Kevin Trudeau’s current name.

Current name numbers do not reveal your birth promise, only the ease of which you are able (or unable) to express that promise.

I discovered the name “Kevin Trudeau” adds up to 47/11.

47 is a challenging number in a current name. People with 47 names are continuously tested for their spiritual strength. Their lives are filled with uncertainty and a sense of distrust. Trials and tribulations are common.

Trudeau’s BIRTH name – which reveals the nature of his career – resonates to the “Media Number” 14/5. So it’s no surprise his success came through books, the internet and TV infomercials. Trudeau's birth name code carries the PROMISE of public acknowledgement in his Destiny.

Additionally, Trudeau’s birthday is comprised of numbers 6 and 9 describing a magnetic, likeable personality – someone who can be trusted and is responsible.

Unless… he chooses to express the Shadow Side of his code.

Trudeau’s challenging current name guarantees that he is much more tempted to express the negative, shadow side of his birth code. In his case, he opted to use his powerful magnetism to sell snake oil.

His difficult current name number will only continue test him throughout his life (unless he changes his name to a fortunate spelling). He will attract people and be drawn to ideas that test him to discern between honor or fraud, truth or lies.

He chose to defraud instead of to uplift and inspire.

Consequently he has spent much of his life in civil court with his attorneys fighting federal lawsuits.

Trudeau’s gift is great, and his methods powerful… so his fall was steep.

Trouble was brewing since the end of last year – a 14/5 Personal Year for Trudeau governing media and change.

In 2014 the tide shifted even more.

Our current 7 Universal Year is symbolized by a lightning strike of truth which is exposed in sudden and unexpected ways. With the influence of next month’s Cardinal Grand Cross building, Kevin Trudeau’s difficult current name vibration brought things to a head for him.

The shift we're all experiencing this year is helping us to get deeply inspired from within and embrace the Truth about Who We Are with far greater clarity.

Since February, 2014 Kevin Trudeau is experiencing a 15/6 Personal Year. He is born on the 6th, so this 6 current cycle is a important moment in his life. Number 6 emphasizes responsibility, love, home and family. He had a major opportunity to take responsibility for his life. Now he is sitting in jail.

Kevin Trudeau will continue to decide his spiritual fate in prison.

As for his book, “The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don't Want You to Know About” – the one that initially brought him so much income?

That title resonates to a highly fortunate name number and helped him achieve success.

But… in the end Trudeau's house of cards crumbled because his life is measured by the MOST important current name in his life, his own: “Kevin Trudeau”. He was not at peace.

EVERY name manifests as a specific vibration.

Every name pulsates to ONE number.

… A number that sets a positive or negative tone. YES, … Your current name is one of the most powerful assets you own!

Whether it is your current name, book title, website, business, event name or family members’ name – ensure the best environment for growth and prosperity by choosing a fortunate version.

Click here to claim the power in YOUR name.

A fortunate current name elevates your vibrational rate – forever!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Gwen May 2, 2014 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    Hello Tania , Good for you! I’ve been reading numbers as long as I remember I add up every thing, to get and Idea of the world around me.When I was 15,& 16 I had life reading done as a part of a high school class ,well the world didn’t progress in the way I though was appropriate. But I not exactly what they though I’d be either. Personally I joined collage, because I’ve been unemployed, and well thats ok . But your living the dream,free of controls. An academy , Yeah,I’m sure you could help me where I have fallen short.I hope to get some money and join in you academy. I think education, is an equal right , medical services are an equal right , and time has come today. Time. Love You ! Gwen know way back as ( Melchisedek).

    • Tania
      Tania May 8, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

      Gwen, we all go through challenging periods in our life. Look at what fulfills you – and follow the thread. Trust what comes up for you – keep persisting with what brings you joy and you will progress and prosper.

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