Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.37.48 PMPower and control loom large in Lance Armstrong’s life. An expert on working the shadow side to his advantage, Armstrong’s former strength has now greatly diminished.

Power and control issues are very much in the spotlight for ALL of us for the next two years while Pluto and Uranus “square” each other at a 90 degree angle in the sky.

This friction is liberating and sobering at the same time.

For those addicted to power like Lance, the truth is being revealed and the healing process beginning.

For all others, it is a tremendous moment of empowerment!

Lance Armstrong’s desire for power is apparent throughout his personal Astro-Numerology code.

– He was born on an 18/9 Day.

– His Life Purpose Number is 36/9.

– His Destiny Number is 90/9.

– His Personal Shift Number is 9.

Those four 9s alone bring to light Lance’s intense desire to lead – and a strong warning to watch his inflated ego, symbolized by the circle or big head on top of number 9.

9 symbolizes wisdom, the humanitarian and unconditional love. The shadow side of 9 is an inflated sense of self, criticism of self and others, trust issues and perfectionism.

The astrology birth chart for Lance mirrors this theme.

Though his birth time is unknown, Lance’s birthday shows that his natal Sun and Pluto are “conjunct” – blending their energies into one.

Pluto symbolizes the hidden, subconscious drive for power and the Sun is YOU.

Joining his Sun and Pluto together as one, along with his four 9s in his numerology, indicates Lance’s tremendous and even desperate urge for power, leadership and control.

On the first day of his two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance’s Astro-Numerology gave clear insights about that moment – and his future.

At 8 pm Eastern Time on January 17, 2013 the Moon was at 16 degrees in the sign of Aries.

16/7 is the number indicating a sudden shift in circumstances. Depending on what actions preceded that moment, the shift can symbolize a sudden rise to power OR a person with a crown on his head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place.

Note that the Moon was in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars – the fiery planet of action and aggression.

At that same moment on January 17, the planet Mars was at 18 degrees. Lance was born on the 18th.

18 adds up to 9. Number 18 can attract strife and danger through deception and hidden enemies IF the ego takes over in favor of the divine soul.

Amazingly, at the same time Pluto was at 9 degrees!

Lance absolutely faced the shadow side of his number 9 during his interview, which aired worldwide!

The forecast for Armstrong shows the healing process has begun for him… and will continue at length. He could grow in leaps and bounds.

First, a large number of 5s and 14/5s were activated on that day in both the astrology and numerology and these numbers are still working for Lance during most of 2013, indicating media will a MAJOR role in his life – including a possible movie deal that can help Lance financially

Given that he will be sued from all corners of the globe, this abundance indicator can help him support his family and come to terms with the magnitude of his actions over the past two decades.

As for his many 9s – the ‘King of Numbers’ is an indicator of abundance. The strong presence of 9s in Armstrong’s birth numerology code has certainly helped him to monetize his gifts – however ruthless a path he chose.

Lance’s ability as a true leader has yet to be unveiled.

He will always have access to his 9s. But now, with so many 5s activated for him, he has reached a major crossroads, and so he must choose a new path.

– His progressed Sun is at 5 degrees.

– He is in a 23/5 Personal Year.

– His interview with Oprah began on 32/5 Personal Day.

Every part of his astro-numerology blueprint is at a pivot point.

Lance has a major obstacle in his way: his challenging current name.

“Lance Armstrong” resonates to 12, the ‘Victim or Victimizer’ name number. It has always cast a shadow on his life.

If he embraced a new fortunate spelling of his current name Lance’s life would be far more at ease.

Astrologically Lance is currently experiencing Neptune square Neptune (90 degrees)… a very powerful midlife aspect that strips his life of all delusions. It’s a time of deep questions – including, how has he lived his life up until now?

At the same time Armstrong is feeling the beginning of Uranus opposite Uranus. This one is a hugely potent alignment and will last until 2015.

Note that Lance’s natal Uranus lies at 12 degrees – so this transit activates the Victim number of his 12 current name! He’s going to feel the effect of this opposition in a very challenging way, unless he changes his name to a fortunate spelling.

Lance’s opportunity to deal with old wounds and hurts is particularly strong now.

Healing and abundance are contained in the same numbers. For Lance, whose mother gave birth at age 17 and whose father left him at age two, never to appear in his life again – there is so much personal healing to be done.

Fortunately, the healing and abundance numbers code for 2013 enables all of us to grow, heal and prosper.

Love and Abundance,


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