This morning I heard about American cyclist Lance Armstrong's collar-bone breaking crash in Spain.

Armstrong is in a very potent Personal Year in 2009. In fact, it matches the Universal cycle for 2009 as well.

First a look at Armstrong's unbelievably potent birth blueprint. Imagine this. Armstrong is born on the 18th of September, has a 36/9 Life Purpose and a 90/9 Destiny. So his three most important birth numbers ALL reduce to 9. Plus he's born in the 9th month. Wow.

Such a strong emphasis on one number means he's challenged to succeed on a very high level. Any obstacles in his life can either feel like a burden or be used as a stepping stone towards amazing success.

For Lance the magnifying glass is focused on the number 9.

As you can see, the 9 looks like an image of a person with a big head. It indicates leadership, humanitarian ideals and completion. Great teachers often have a 9 somewhere in their Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Every number also has a flipside. For number 9 it's self-centeredness and big ego.

Based on this 9 emphasis, Armstrong is probably not too easy to live with. On the other hand his incredibly strong will has helped him overcome testicular cancer, which had metastasized to his brain and lungs. And that was BEFORE his 7 straight wins of the Tour de France – an astonishing feat by anyone's standards.

Amazingly, Armstrong's first of 7 wins came right at the beginning of a new 9-year cycle. In 1999 he was in a 46/10/1 Personal Year. This is not a coincidence. Anytime you begin a new 9-year cycle, you activate a whole new set of goals.

Then last September, 2008 Armstrong publicly declared he wanted to win the Tour de France one more time. His goal – to be the oldest winner in history plus raise cancer awareness.

As it happens, 2008 began another 9-year cycle for him – a 28/10/1 Personal Year. And September, the month of his announcement, was also a 1 Personal Month. Armstrong is definitely in tune with his 9-cycle clock as much as the winning clock.

The difference between his cycle now and back in 1999-2005 is this.

Instead of an easier 20/2 Personal Year, like the one he had in 2000, Armstrong is faced with a 29/11 Personal Year in 2009.

As I said earlier, Armstrong's Personal Year coincides exactly with Universal Years. I have written about our 2009 Universal Year already. You may remember, 11 is a powerful Master Number symbolizing an initiation of sorts.

Walking through the two pillars, represented by the two 1s, means confronting the truth about yourself.

So the ‘initiation' is asking us to let go of feelings and beliefs that keep you in the dark – ideas that trap you in the past, keep you from evolving and prevent you from seeing yourself clearly. Like shedding an old skin.
You walk through the 11 gateway by embracing a brand new, often unexpected, enlightened approach to your life.

The process can make you feel divided, torn and distracted. Master Number cycles ask more of you. So not only is the world being prompted all year to master it's old ways by bringing in the new – so is Lance Armstrong. He's feeling this major transition even stronger.

When you add that March is a 32/5 Personal Month for Lance you can see why his accident happened now.

Since today is also the 23rd, and March is a 14/5 Universal Month – sudden, unexpected events, both positive and negative, are being felt worldwide. Lance's accident, the bombings in Pakistan, the soaring of the U.S. stock market as I'm writing this – are all part of today's universal cycles.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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