Welcome to your early October and Libra NEW MOON Forecast!

Apologies for being a bit late this month (not sure I can blame Mercury Retrograde !). This is definitely a MUST WATCH Video!

Lots of really good news to share with you… especially, now that the big eclipse season is over, and we can turn our attention to the beautiful, heart-centered month of Octobe

In October, the number 9 is activated all month long.

9 invites you to make room for endings, to experience deep release, immerse your heart in love and compassion, and embrace generosity and gratitude.

One of the highlights this month is the coming together of a powerful Abundance Astrology formation – a TRIPLE conjunction between Venus, Mars and Jupiter – SO fortunate! It gets activated by the Libra New Moon on October 12th and keeps getting stronger and stronger as the month goes on.

This beautiful triple conjunction is going to be awakening such peace, joy, fortune, creativity and passion into your life – especially your love life AND your finances!

New Moons always bring new beginnings, and this Libra New Moon, following on the heels of eclipse season, is especially potent for SO many reasons.

You’ll see how the Libra New Moon will actively seek to LIBERATE you, so you can completely embrace joy, abundance and bliss.

Have a beautiful, breakthrough New Moon!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. I love hearing from you, so please leave your comment below – I read every one of them!Have a wonderful New Moon!