A fabulous LIBRA New Moon on October 8 (Oct 9 Universal Time) enhances romance and financial well-being.

Venus, ruler of Libra, is currently retrograde, encouraging you to bring your life energetically into balance – especially in your relationship and money sectors.

Libra is the sign of Love, Balance, and Harmony – governing relationships.

As the Libra scales tip in one direction or another you need to make adjustments and decisions to bring you energetically into equilibrium.

When not integrated and grounded, Libra wants to please everyone else and this creates a false sense of balance. So, be sure to focus on creating inner balance by pleasing yourself, finding fulfillment within – not pleasing others.

Since Venus, ruler of Libra, is in retrograde in Scorpio, you can clearly see your behavior now and make positive changes!

You can also more easily reassess and reawaken your financial flow – Scorpio governs money owed to you or shared with another partner, loans.

Look at all possible options regarding your intimate relationships and financial well-being.

Five invigorating transits take place during this New Moon. Here is a sample – be sure to watch the New Moon video forecast to learn about all five and discover how to navigate each one!

  • The Sun and Moon square Pluto.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and the square can create some tension and bring intense emotional responses to people or situations.

Where are you being compulsive or obsessive, not in control of your thoughts or actions?

If you experience inner or outer power struggles, take this opportunity to step up with courage and compassion rather than reacting from a place of disempowerment.

  • Venus (ruler) square to Mars

Venus represents our divine feminine and Mars is our drive, sacred masculine.

When Venus and Mars enter into a 90° square relationship, there can be sexual tension.

That tension that needs to be released. The most productive way is through creative projects, exercise & movement and being in touch with who you are as a sensual, sexual being

  • Venus (ruler) trine to Neptune

This is VERY Romantic! Venus and Neptune together is so sensitive, compassionate, creative and results in accelerated Healing in Relationships.

Love, Caring and Empathy are flooding your heart!

Have a gorgeous Libra New Moon.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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