solar for blogYou are in the midst of giving birth to something new.

The outcome is not fully revealed. But the feeling of a beautiful outcome is magnifying every day…

Do you sense it yet?

September’s epic astro-numerology code ensures you are closing down one chapter and beginning of a pristine new journey.

September is the 9th month of the year, 2016 is a 9 Universal Year and that makes September this year a 9 Universal Month – creating a confluence of 9-9-9 energy.

For a spectacular liftoff, on Sept 1 the Sun and Moon merged for a pivotal Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees.

This New Moon Eclipse signifies a powerful birth.

When numbers 9 and 1 join forces during a Solar Eclipse the experience is EPIC.

  • Unconditional Love (9) is born (1).
  • Compassion is yearning to be expressed – not just once or twice, but consistently, with every recognition, decision, reflection.
  • Beliefs that have supported your journey up until now are falling away like leaves from a tree… to be replaced by wondrous new insights, and surprising inner shifts.

All of this transformation is generated through your heart. 9 is such a deeply heart-centered number. Through the experience of a 9 the acceptance of all that is (as opposed to how you want it to be) sets the stage for total liberation.

In the letting go you let in.

By letting in, you begin to heal.

In healing your soul is reborn in the Light of Love.

Since this extraordinary code happens during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – reflecting on your life now brings big AHA moments and these are facilitated energetically in Virgo, the sign of healing. Any Mercury retrograde requires that we rest more in order to create room to reflect.

September is not just a 9 Universal Month but also an 18 Universal Month – carrying the same message as Mercury Retrograde: you require more rest, so be sure to take extra time to relax and meditate.

Pay attention to the unseen, to your dreams, to your intuition, delve into the mysteries of life and listen to the language spoken in your heart.

You may experience more vivid dreams as your subconscious and superconscious minds are making the hidden realms visible to you now.

You’re getting a perspective that is generating extraordinary miracles.

The Universe is presenting you with fresh opportunities to clear away any lingering issues linked to relationships and healing.

Take this opportunity to experience things differently than before.

Physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually you are creating a space for the next cycle.

Knowing about the momentous opportunities you have right now to shift your life is very important… Now, take it one step further – and apply the sacred message in your birth code. At a time like this, recognition of your soul purpose gives you tremendous leverage and the wisdom to make these shifts LASTING.

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A new infusion of energy is birthing…


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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