Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.04.22 AMOn May 7 lovers of classical music celebrate the birth of two great composers – Brahms and Tchaikovsky.

Both geniuses were born in the creative sign of Taurus 7 years apart, Brahms in 1833 and Tchaikovsky 7 years later.

7 is a private number. A composer spends most of his or her time alone in a peaceful, quiet environment in order to create and notate and notate the music of the spheres.

Intuition and perception soar under the influence of 7.

7 looks like a lightning rod, and symbolizes wisdom, higher learning and brilliant intuitive downloads.

May is an 11 Universal Month. So today we have both numbers 11 and 7 activated.

11 always transforms through double new beginnings. All parts of your life are shifting in so many ways right now, and you may be feeling some uncertainty as a result!

Use the power of the 7 to intuit answers to your questions today.

7 guides with a clear vision.

7 is even more enhanced when you commune with nature.

Your emotions are activated today as well. Happily, May 7th adds up to a 9 Universal Date allowing us to process and release our feelings much more easily.

In other words, new beginnings in May are a bridge from the past to a glorious new future.

Feelings and thoughts that are stuck in past beliefs systems and bygone approaches can now be understood without being judgmental (7), cleansed and let go of (9) and alchemized into a brand new lease on life (11).

All month long you are recalibrating and rebalancing.

As my May Forecast Video reveals, the astrology and numerology mirror the exact same message of complete transformation.

Many blessings for a beautiful day and month.

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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