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In this episode we delve into how Uranus' move into Taurus impacts LOVE  – loving has changed forever.

You’re embarking on a new love journey!

While Uranus is in Taurus through 2026 you are:

  • Being liberated from co-dependency
  • Being set free to love without conditions or expectations

Uranus is the game-changer – a disruptor who goes against the grain with only one goal: so seek a state of total Freedom.

 Uranus governs electricity, lightning, technology, the unexpected.

  • Uranus transiting through Taurus urges us to seek freedom in the areas of self worth, financial flow and

Uranus gives you space to seek change, to embrace a unique approach without fear.

  • Uranus breaks old structures and OPENS new pathways.

You get a sense of how dramatic you can shift under Uranus' influence when you realize that this planet was discovered in 1781 during the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the American Revolution!

So Uranus delivers a total Re-FRAME by disrupting what feels SAFE.

Our previous perspectives become outdated, and radically new VIEWS and VALUES are birthed.

Your orientation towards old structures is shifting.

Uranus generates an AWAKENING.

In Taurus, Uranus is making us aware of HOW we love.

Specifically, how the freedom we ourselves seek must be extended to everyone we interact with.

  • We are breaking up with CO-dependency!

And therein lies the Uranus in Taurus shift. As we let go of expecting others to fall in line with our views in order for us to feel secure (or we consistently acquiesce to our partner’s wishes), we release that need to please or be obeyed. As a result, we surprisingly feel freer than we could have ever imagined!

TRUE security and inner peace arises from feeling and granting total freedom of expression.

We are being opened to receive Love in all its myriad of expressions.

Love cannot be categorized – it is expressed in an infinite number of ways.

You must dare to love completely, openly, freely with utmost passion.

Every act of love is original.

Just like a great artist’s every brush stroke.

Love is pure devotion – a core unstoppable craving to express who you are and create something special.

Discover how the Universe is shifting your love life and how you express every act of Love in this powerful NEW episode – “Love in the Stars”. (And catch last week’s Star Codes episode on “Money Manifestation Miracles in May”!)

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle