Love_11On July 15th a powerful Numerology ‘Love Code’ is being activated.

• 15/6 is the number of the Spiritual Alchemist who uplifts others with Love and Joy.

7.15.2014 adds up to 20/2, the number of intimate partnerships.

2 and 6 combine for a beautiful expression of peaceful cooperation and passionate love.

And July this year adds a big does of adventure. It is a 14/5 Universal Month urging you to experience Freedom. So what does adventure have to do with Love?

True unconditional Love is another expression of Freedom.

However, when there is Freedom there is always change. And change can be scary.

So, people can be afraid to go to that ultimate place of love, where change is a constant. But it is only in this place where love is most exquisite, flowering constantly, with fragrant petals opening and closing… and falling away.

The deepest love is here one moment and gone the next. It is like a fresh breeze – you feel its beautiful cool caresses, and then next thing you know… it is gone.

You can’t capture a breeze and keep it.

You can’t hold on to love and bottle it up, so it never leaves you.

Love is transcendent, ever-changing.

Today’s numerology code is the ultimate expression of this moment-to-moment, changing experience.

But it takes a lot of COURAGE to let go completely and love so deeply that the consequence of your love does not faze you one bit.

Courageous love changes and transforms … it is NOT dependable.

You can’t count on it returning the same way ever again.

Are you able to love with abandon?

Are you willing to love so completely that only THIS moment matters? Where the past or future are of NO concern?

This is the most revolutionary Love. You’ve become the rebellious, untraditional lover!

Why? Because…

…You love yourself.

You can’t love others without loving yourself first.

Once you love yourself, you are open to your lover being a mirror. You both are sovereign, free, independent beings who come together with all your inner richness in place. You’ve let go of conditions. There are no expectations. There is nothing that holds the other in bondage.

You are comfortable with yourself first. You love yourself first.

Then joining with your love in partnership transforms into the ultimate Love. A love which enhances and enriches both of you within your own soul expression. Where you come face to face with a mirror of your soul and see your origins.

Yes, then it is because of the other that you see into yourself!

Your lover is the mirror of your soul.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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