Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.25.55 AMHappy February! It's double eclipse month… so definitely expect major shifts and unexpected gifts.

Love is the theme for February!

The tremendous LIGHT energy from both Eclipses fills our hearts with delight.

You are accepting transformation as a vital part of your life now… and as you accept change as a constant gift from the universe you allow Source to guide you. Trusting in the inherent order of the universe allows a deep inner security and ultimately leads to serenity and peace.

This transformation is bringing you closer to the LIGHT, faster than ever!

On February 1 the Moon entered Aries.

Aries is the 1st sign setting up a big new beginnings energy.

As the moon enters a new 28-day lunar cycle on February 1, and since February has exactly 28 days, we are set up for a fresh start of major consequences.

Make a conscious choice to invite change into your life.

FREE yourself from negative entanglements by surrendering to Love.

Another powerful celestial development activating the theme of love is Jupiter’s imminent retrograde cycle.

On February 6, Jupiter stations retrograde for four months. It happens at 23° Libra – the “Royal Star of the Lion” number – a powerful activation of courage and LOVE!

Libra is the sign of balanced relationships – it rules the 7th house of partnerships and marriage.

So this retrograde is an amazing time to gain deep insights into your inter-relationships, your spiritual perspective, and the real TRUTH concerning current situations in your life.

Remember, the only person who can hurt you is yourself.

Every person’s experience is FIRST created internally – THEN it evolves into action.

No experience can be described for you by others.No one else can decide for you what any experience means for you – or how you feel about it. Jupiter stationing retrograde in Libra wants you to listen and re-balance every interaction you have with the universe, including all your relationships.

Consider how our relationships are the biggest mirror we have as human beings – reflecting back to us exactly what we need to see in order to grow.

So if you feel hurt by an event or a person, just know that YOU have decided to feel that way.

The power of the elevated mind and loving heart to transmute any perceived pain into healing and growth – knowing exactly that you attracted the experience to yourself – THAT is the most powerful tool you have.

Change your perspective.

Welcome the arrival of Jupiter retrograde and the two coming eclipses with an open heart and mind.

Discover how the sacred message of the celestial star codes can guide you  – every day.

Listen here to a free excerpt of February’s Premium Monthly Forecast.

Love and generosity fill the air…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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