The truth is: most people don’t have the foresight to manifest happiness, health and wealth.

You need a roadmap to guide you through the big celestial pivot points, so you are poised and ready!

Anyone can prepare in advance and jump on the opportunities 2017 has in store, especially when you follow the carefully created, precise and detailed map you’ll discover in The 2017 Ultimate Yearly Forecast.

The Amazing Secrets of 2017 That Will Propel You
to Welcome All Good Things in Life

I’m sure you have powerful goals for yourself. More quality time with your loved ones. A career that inspires you at a soul-level. Happy, harmonious, mutually supportive relationships. Less stress and more enjoyment. And of course more wealth to enjoy the good things in life.

You’ll be happy to know the stars and numbers are preparing a momentous year in 2017 – the beginning of a brand NEW nine-year cycle. You are about to welcome all good things… abundance, love, happiness, balance and good health, as all good things become part of your everyday experience.

If you want to finally turn your life around… if you want to take your gifts into active leadership… or if you’re feeling good about your life yet know there is more…

I have good news: the Ultimate 2017 Yearly Forecast online seminar will open up the doors of financial and spiritual opportunity for you. This 100% online livestream event is perfect for you if:

  • You want to know with certainty that you are on the right path every step of the way.
  • You want direction on how to awaken your true gifts by positioning your opportunities with precision and joy.
  • You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur or solo professional and want to know the exact windows in 2017 to move forward – and when not to initiate new projects.
  • You want to tap into the part of you that is eternal – attracting a constant stream of fortunate, synchronistic windfalls.
  • You want to learn new powerful tools to help anchor your light energy, so you can be fully present in your divine mission.
  • You’re a spiritual seeker who wants to raise your income in a sacred way by tuning deeply into the rhythm of your personal and universal cycles in 2017.

2017: The Year of "Money, Miracles and

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-02 16.26.34You know you’ve come a long way in 2016 and that you have grown in leaps and bounds.

However, you also know a deeper connection to the galactic nature of your soul is waiting for you…

2016 brought many changes and shifts, a theme that continues in 2017 - however in a much smoother, calmer, enjoyable emotional environment.

Positive lasting change is something you consciously desire – but your habits haven’t completely caught up with your VISION. In fact, some of your habits are self-sabotaging your progress. You have one foot on the gas pedal, and the other foot on the BRAKE.

Positive habits that you are passionately invested in play a big role in changing all negative patterns.

In 2017, the powerful star and numbers code clears the slate and fills your life with exciting new Opportunities. You let go of so many negative habits and thoughts in 2016 - now you are birthing  your true Divine Mission.

2017 will be an incredible opportunity for you to permanently remove your foot off that brake and drive through the green light to manifest your dreams!

You will be able to manifest virtually any positive change you want to in 2017. It is the year the veil opens and you take full responsibility for your life.

Here’s how it works: 2017 is a 10 universal year.

10 is the "Instant Manifestation" number, the vibration of Love and Light - and in 2017 this code will work miracles for you!

All year long you’ll attract powerful experience that will help you fast forward into your true divine mission. Last year you confronted your self sabotage issues and let them go. Now, as the number of leadership, momentum, original creative ideas, unlimited resources and instant manifestation, and as the first double digit number, number 10 - the "God vibration" made up of 1 and 0, masculine and feminine - will help you Stand Tall and BE in charge of your life again.

No doubt you will heed the Voice of your Soul.

You’ll heed your true calling, and in the process you will instantly let bygones be bygones – and miraculously make  ROOM for fresh new opportunities.

2017 is the year your decisions instantly translate into WEALTH and WELL-BEING.

2017 unleashes a momentous convergence of astro-numerology energetics, ushering in a brand new nine-year cycle.

A lot will be shifting in an effortless, empowering way due to the extraordinary code.

By stepping into the heavenly code of Love and Light you not only reach your goals faster…

Your Success in 2017 Will Be Automatic and
Inevitable, Unless...

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-03 09.08.31You hold on to old patterns and succumb to limiting beliefs.

For the most part, your life is built on a series of habits that are programmed into your subconscious.

But you have the power to RELEASE and step BEYOND these old patterns. You have the power to break these undesirable habits and create brand new positive ones that will lead you to the life you want most.

Stepping up and embracing your soul’s cosmic origin is the core message in the 2017 code.

Understanding how and when to step up will change… Everything.

You were born with a sixth sense perfectly in tact. Everyone has one. Inventors refer to it as a “flash of brilliance”, psychics as a “download”, artists as “inspiration, religious people as “divine guidance”, athletes as being “in the zone” and many as “my gut feeling”.

Whatever you call it, your sixth sense is your bridge to the soul.

In 2017 your sixth sense is aligning with the the sacred numbers 10 (Instant Manifestation) and 17 (Immortality) - meaning, you will have direct and instant access to the most powerful Universal Force!

Think of 2017 as the year you claim your divine mission using the Sacred Sword of Light.

But you need to know WHEN the big moments in the celestial astrology and numerology code provide an opening for action and movement, and the times when it is better to take a breather. Honoring this cosmic ebb and flow is absolutely critical, especially in 2017.


1. The 17th Year of leadership and light will turn into a series of burdens and challenges.
2. The 10 Universal Year will attract judgment, negative manifestations and deplete your best laid plans.
3. The “Immortality and Instant Manifestation” code will instead attract people and events that dis-empower you, instead of you directing the magic and miracles in your life.

And you’re left with … deep sadness.

How to Unlock Your True Power in 2017

You could be the Cosmic Director of your life – be your own boss (even if you work for someone else).

Can you wrap your mind around this: you can know the activation message embedded within each major universal astro-numerology window in 2017 – information that will give you powerful, precise foreknowledge to manifest ultimate prosperity and peace.

Think about that: you could take charge of your life and direct it with complete confidence with access to this secret knowledge.

Once you have these ultimate 2017 tools, you can easily maintain a consistent feeling of happiness and control that lasts the WHOLE year.

Because I know the value of having an accurate wealth forecast and the tools to implement the cosmic messages – this is the one critical piece that can mean the difference between thriving and feeling disappointed all year long.

Once you have this invaluable information at your fingertips, you can use it to improve any part of your life or any part of yourself.

Here are just a FEW of the fantastic topics I'll be covering during this powerful 3-hour online seminar intensive:

  • Three things you must know about 2017 in order thrive in ALL areas of your life - miss ANY of these and you will be facing a challenging year.
  • You’ll discover the meaning of all your Personal Monthly Numerology Cycles for 2017, so you can navigate the year with utmost confidence.
  • You’ll raise your vibration when you plan ahead and leverage the big eclipses – (including one of the rarest and most empowering eclipse codes which happens mid-year on a day that also triggers the code for our whole century)... creating a ripple effect of exciting opportunities that will shift Everything for you!
  • We'll cover in depth the three powerful LETTERS aligned with the 2017 Code and which secrets they reveal that will trigger your subconscious into success
  • Why 2017 generates a major shift in how you engage consciously with the universe that will last forever!
  • Benefit from using the secret WORDS aligned with the 2017 “Money, Miracles and Manifestation” code - and how to use these words to align your professional life to the vibration of ever-expanding abundance.
  • I'll also reveal the hidden message, you won't hear anywhere else, about why 2017 favors nurturing soul relationships that raise your vibration into a new sisterhood and brotherhood beyond Earthly dimensions...
  • When one long beautiful celestial activation with Uranus, which is fortunately positioned in 2017, will enable you to progress confidently into WEALTH implementation and an understanding of your FUTURE mission like never before!
  • Why 2017 will be the ideal time to make positive changes in your life since these changes will run smoothly as you remain calm and centered...change will not be upsetting or chaotic as it has been for the past five years while Uranus was square Pluto.
  • A thrilling opportunity for breakthroughs and EXPANSION occurs next year due to Jupiter's fusion with the incredible 10 "Instant Manifestation" code.
  • … And of course, we will explore the most important Full and New Moons of 2017 – plus all FOUR Eclipses!


I have been so amazingly blessed by the magical world of astro-numerology and music. Blessed by astonishing clients who inspire me with their willingness to embark on a deeper soul journey that brings immeasurable riches.

I have given readings to thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them to design fulfilling and abundant lives by unlocking their spiritual birth code. My work as a Wealth Astro-Numerologist has been featured in many illustrious publications, including:

  • The New York Times
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Sirius XM
  • USA Today front page
  • ABC Radio
  • Essence Magazine
  • US Magazine
  • ESPN Magazine and
  • CBS Radio
  • Entertainment Weekly

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from each of my clients, from their remarkable successes - both the incredible multi-millionaires and the many other beings who uplift others through their courage and dedication to Soul-level fulfillment. Everyone has had something to teach me. Through access to thousands of client’s DNA Soul Codes over twenty-one years… I venture to say I am blessed on a deep celestial level to help people break free!

Heres Whats Included

3-Hour online LIVESTREAM Webinar

3 Jam-packed Hours of Irresistable Information That You Can Use Instantly

Thursday December 8, 2016
11 am Pacific PDT / 2 pm  Eastern EST
7 pm Universal Time UT

Q&A Session at the end of Livestream

Your Chance to Talk to Tania LIVE

After the 3-hour live online event you’ll have a chance to talk to Tania personally about any of the extensive material she covered during the 3-hour webinar, including asking her about your birth-code in 2017.

REPLAY of Webinar

Watch anywhere, anytime for 12 months

Instant Access to the Replay of The Ultimate 2017 Yearly Forecast
for an entire year after it airs – all twelve months of 2017 – so you have
all the powerful information at your fingertips at any time.
Downloadable video and mp3 sound files will be made available.




Tania’s personal Success Map for 2017

This is Tania’s own secret map outlining the pivotal moments in the stars and Numbers for 2017. Use it to Implement positive shifts in your life right away and as your guide for the whole year.

“Such timely information and insights. Thanks so much. I love sharing with my coaching clients to help them see their circumstances differently. Namaste!”

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“I really enjoyed this Ultimate Yearly Forecast – certainly a lot to look forward to!

Stephanie Stuber

“I truly loved this beautiful, uplifting forecast! Thank you so much, Tania! You are an inspiration and a blessing to us all.”

Krishna San Nicolas

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More than a mere Guarantee, I'm giving you my personal promise. Take a full 15 days to watch and learn from the Ultimate 2017 Yearly Forecast webinar. If for ANY reason you feel like the information I revealed is not worth the price you paid, simply ask for a refund. We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we'll stay remain friends! You have 15 full days to review the webinar content, take notes, plan your 2017 accordingly and then decide if you want to keep it.I take all the risk (I trust you won't take advantage) and you take no risk at all.

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