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Personal Blueprints

Your Wealthy Name Code

  • Your Current Name is your soul’s calling card. It adds up to a special number that is either fortunate or attracting challenges. Avoid unnecessary obstacles in your life by making sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number. If your name needs to be respelled, Tania will give you at least two new fortunate versions to choose from. This report is also a fantastic tool to accelerate wealth creation in your business, website, product names and book titles.

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Your Jupiter Wealth Code

  • Your astrology birth chart reveals a powerful astro-numerology secret about how you personally attract wealth. This secret is uncovered in your Jupiter Code. Your Jupiter Code describes the traits, environment and qualities you must develop and activate to step into unlimited prosperity. Altogether there are three Jupiter sectors in your astrology birth chart – they describe how you cultivate fortunate opportunities and naturally magnify abundance in your life. Your 3 Jupiter sectors make up Your Jupiter Wealth Code. Now you can find out what Your Jupiter Wealth Code is, what it means, and how you can activate it!

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Your Next 12 Months Blueprint

  • A powerful one-year personal forecast helping you to plan and leverage your goals for the next 12 months. Your personalized report begins the month you place your order and continues through the same month the following year (as in May 2018 – May 2019). BONUS: Special list of your most Fortunate Personal Days for every month so you know precisely when to plan important events and take advantage of your personal abundance manifestation days!

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Personal Numerology Blueprint

  • This in-depth blueprint unveils the secrets in your birthday and birth-name code, detailing the nature of your soul, your special gifts, your career environment, how you relate to others, and where you naturally feel most fulfilled and empowered. Your Personal Numerology Blueprint contains elaborate descriptions of:
  • Your Life Purpose Number
  • Your Destiny Number
  • Your Soul Number
  • Your Inner Dream/Personality Number
  • Your Day of Birth Number
  • Your Essence and Wisdom Numbers
  • Your Intensifications
  • The Three Numerology Triads in your Blueprint

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Training Programs

Numerology Academy - Level 1

Regular Price: $1,197.00

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(Or Four Monthly Payments Of $157)

  • As the world’s first online training course in Astro-Numerology – Numerology Academy is a comprehensive program for beginners through established professionals. Learn the 3 Principles of any person’s Soul Birth Code, the basics of future forecasting and how to calculate CURRENT names so that they have a fortunate spelling. You may choose to become a Certified Numerology Academy Practitioner, so you can offer professional-level Astro-Numerology readings to paying clients. Whether you’re already an established coach or healer OR embarking on creating a heart-centered business for the first time, this is the starting point of a journey into the essence of the Soul that will change your life!

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Secret Power Of Your Name

Regular Price: $197.00

Your Discount: $97

  • Most people use a current name that adds up to a challenging number and struggle under the weight of negative, distracting energy day after day. Far fewer people benefit from a fortunate name – which activates positive energy to help you express your divine mission at optimum levels. Now learn how to read any name and change all challenging current names (personal or business) into fortunate spellings. Be a catalyst by helping yourself and others create a POSITIVE shift so you can leave frustration, delays and resignation behind and begin to attract supportive people, opportunities, peace of mind and true abundance.

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Abundance Accelerator

Regular Price: $797.00

Your Discount: $397

(Or Four Monthly Payments Of $107)

  • You are surrounded by numbers which are consistently attracting or repelling abundance all day long. Learn how your numerology birth code unlocks an abundance formula that is unique to YOU… Then use this code to choose or adjust any address (including for two head-of-households) so it is in alignment with both your birth code AND resonates to a fortunate vibration. Also learn how to create and choose fortunate phone numbers, price-points, airline seats, license plates, even hotel room numbers! ALL can work in your favor IF you know the secret to choosing fortunate frequencies. Includes which numbers to avoid at ALL costs, just as important!

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