Your Future is mapped out
in the Numbers & Stars…

Foreknowledge is the ultimate prosperity tool! Learn how
to read anyone's Astro-Numerology Birth Code and give a
compelling, precisely timed forecast.

The best time to leverage your future is BEFORE it becomes reality.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to continue empowering your life using the secret world
of numbers.

Picture a chart in front of you that draws out the important ebb and flow of your immediate and distant future energy grids. Imagine being able to interpret this chart quickly while zeroing in on your present and future opportunities!

NOW you can.

Of course, you must have some basic knowledge of astrology and numerology first.

So I'm excited to offer this opportunity for you to join my internationally bestselling Numerology Academy™Level I program for coaches and healers, which gives you an introductory grounding into the magical world of astro-numerology… AND discover my new, compelling forecasting program: Future Forecast Formula™.

First, let's look at the exciting online virtual training program Numerology Academy™.

What exactly is Numerology Academy?

  • Numerology Academy is the world’s first online training course in Astro-Numerology.
  • It’s a 6-week, comprehensive, video-based training program that teaches the amazing NEW spiritual modality of Astro-Numerology to coaches and healers who want a new tool to elevate their clients and thereby have more impact on the world.
  • The program is focused on learning the 3 Principles of a Soul’s Spiritual Numbers’ Code and becoming a Certified Numerology Academy Practitioner so you can offer professional-level Astro-Numerology readings to paying clients.
  • And whether you already are an established coach or healer OR are embarking on creating a heart-centered business for the first time, this is the starting point of a journey into the essence of the Soul that will change your life!

So, Who is Numerology Academy for?

  • It is for aspiring healers, coaches and guides who want to learn a powerful spiritual modality in order to be of service to their clients in a most remarkable and instantaneous way.
  • It is for established transformational coaches who want to expand their services to include Astro-Numerology.
  • This is a program for teachers and mentors in any healing profession, and those of you who want to learn how I do what I do, and see where it takes you!

And it doesn’t’ matter whether you have a day job or you only have a few hours a week to focus on your work, it’s the COMMITMENT to Grow within and Serve others that matters. Your Spiritual Growth and the willingness to expand and change is ALL that MATTERS!

Now this program is for those who know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with the right guidance, the best training and total focus and commitment.

Who is Numerology Academy NOT for?

Numerology Academy is NOT for those who want to dabble in numbers. It’s not for you if you blame external circumstances for your problems or if you create negativity that pulls others down. I only train people who are positive and kind and compassionate and generous – and committed to Growth.

Are you ready?
The 6 training webinars will cover:

  • Lesson One: The Magic Revealed in Your Birthday
  • Lesson Two: What Your Birth Name Reveals About Your Destiny
  • Lesson Three: Astro-Numerology Secrets of Your Time and Place of Birth
  • Lesson Four: Integrating Numerology and Astrology
  • Lesson Five: The Power of Your Current Name
  • Lesson Six: Putting it All Together – Readings and Forecasts

By the end of this training course, you will be able to offer professional-level readings to paying clients! You will be able to identify yourself as an Certified Numerology Academy™ Practitioner. (Some Practitioners may wish to move forward to Advanced Level II training. However, this is not necessary to receive certification.)

BONUS #1: Your FREE Astro-Numerology Chart (Value $217)

This is your personal Astro-Numerology Chart listing your three important birth numbers, your astrology birth chart and it includes charts of your current Transits and Progressions. You can refer to these charts during our monthly training calls.

BONUS #2: Access to our PRIVATE members-only Facebook Group (Value $997)

As a Numerology Academy™ member you automatically receive an invitation to join the private, members-only Facebook Group Page where Numerology Academy™ members support each other – this will be an amazing opportunity to join a community of like-minded spiritual coaches and healers – and I’ll be there as well!

BONUS #3: LIVE Monthly TeleConference Calls (Value $997)

Join me in these monthly Group Coaching Calls when you can ask me personal questions and get clarity on how to apply the Numerology Academy™ Principles to your spiritual coaching business.

BONUS #4: FREE “Prosperity Power” Seminar DVDs and Guidebook (Value $397)

From my recent live event: Discover your Personal Wealth Formula and use it in everyday life – to plan events, launches, travel, special occasions – and make the most out of your personal numbers. With special guest – hand analyst and millionaire spiritual entrepreneur – Baeth Davis. Includes in-depth Astro-Numerology profiles of Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Ali Brown.

In this package you will ALSO receive my best-selling course on forecasting: Future Forecast Formula.

What is Future Forecast Formula?

In Future Forecast Formula™, I'll teach you how to unlock the secrets embedded deeply in your future Astro-Numerology codes.

  • Recognize the timing of major upcoming events before they activate using Tania's secret Future Forecast Formula™ system
  • Learn to interpret the hidden meaning of tomorrow’s astrological degree numbers
  • Use specifically timed success strategies to monetize any person's forecast
  • Discover the parallel themes mirrored in your client's numerology and astrology cycles
  • Help your clients overcome fears about upcoming ‘challenging’ events by understanding the amazing growth potential in their code at that time (one of the BIG keys to success!)
  • Consciously leverage opportunities using foreknowledge of fortunate openings in your timeline!
  • Know precisely when specific areas of your client's life need extra attention – including their career, money matters, relationships, spiritual nourishment, home & family, education and work environment
  • Use the Future Forecast Formula program to:

Design the best possible future
Self-activate goals and plans
● Monetize results into wealth and abundance

  • Join Tania on Monthly Future Forecast Formula™ Support Calls! (These are SEPARATE coaching calls from Numerology Academy)

Imagine being able to forecast the timing of your greatest breakthroughs…

Cycles are pre-determined. Numbers are pure and unchangeable. Your cycles are already mapped out. You just have to know HOW to interpret the formula!

“Future Forecast Formula” is the ultimate divination program.

The formula combines astrology and numerology in a forecast that empowers you with clear, incredibly concise and empowering information – handing you the secrets already mapped out by your soul at the time of your birth, and thereby enabling you to expand your abundance, happiness and peace of mind.

The accuracy of this particular forecast formula is astounding. If you are looking for spiritual depth coupled with a down-to-earth, clear systematic divination tool, look no further.

Register for the best-selling astro-numerology coaching program, Numerology Academy™, Level I and receive the brand NEW Future Forecast Formula™ Program!

The secret divination toolbox in Future Forecast Formula™ will transform your life in powerful and lasting ways.

I’m so excited to support you along this wonderful journey. Your commitment to living a more mindful, consciously created, abundant life will reap truly endless rewards!

Special Offer!

Numerology Academy™ Level I


“Future Forecast Formula” Program

for only $1,457.00

(Save $545.00)

or six monthly payments of $267


I would like to thank the entire Numerology Academy Team! Super great programs. Love the enthusiasm, the information, and the support I receive whenever I have questions. I feel like a kid at Christmas who opens a new toy with these programs every time I go into them. I look forward to delving deeper into all that I can with the astro-numerology. Excitement abound!!!

I especially want to thank Tania for all the information shared on last month's conference call. You went into a great amount of detail about some numbers in my chart. You told me what a big deal some of my numbers/transits are for 2016 and I'm super pumped! I am so appreciative! It just all fits together like a perfect puzzle completing itself.

Denise Manns

I was absolutely astonished to learn about the connection between Numerology and Astrology. Tania's program is comprehensive and fascinating. Her lessons are easy to follow and her monthly calls offer valuable ongoing support. Tania has the best Numerology training that I have ever come across. This program is for those who truly want to dive deep into Astro-Numerology.

I really appreciated Tania's care and attention to teach and provide support. Thank you, Tania! Your support has helped me to grow and develop my confidence as a Numerology practitioner.

Andrea Mai

I started working with Tania a few years ago. I found that my name at that time was an unfortunate number. Well, I can say it was... While I was using that name I lost my marriage, my business, and all of my money. I worked with Tania and found a name that was fortunate. Within a very short period my life changed drastically. I re-launched my business, got my self out of debt and am now completely debt free, and have found a wonderful partner. I feel that my life is on the right track.

I then went through Tania's Numerology Academy training and found my Life Purpose and the confidence to make my dreams a reality. Tania's work is life changing! I would highly recommend Tania. She is so kind, supportive, and a wonderful mentor!

Mary Baillee
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My No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Due to the highly transformational impact of this training, all refund requests must be made within 7 days of purchase. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first lesson of the Star Code Success program, followed by lesson two after five days. If you ask for a refund within those 7 days, you must have participated in the program up until then. That means that you reached out to me if you have any questions. No refunds will be given after the seven-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request. Star Code Success is an investment in YOU. And with our 7-day Money back guarantee you can test-drive the program completely risk-free!