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Every month carries profound secrets…
Every day has a special Abundance message…
What is coming up in the Month ahead? What gifts are offered in each Daily Code?

What if you, Lightbeing, knew...

The Best Money Manifestation Days
Easy Implementation Days
Best Days for Reflection, Rest and Healing
Days when Abundance Attraction is Amplified
Love and Romance Magnification Days
Best Days for Beginnings and New Launches

... Before each month Begins?

What if you had the cosmic tools to activate wealth, initiate opportunities, and manifest your destiny while feeling fulfilled, happy and empowered from within?

What if you had access to a cosmic map of the future – a day-by-day ENERGY FORECAST to help you navigate your life with grace?

What if you could make your decisions with much greater ease and confidence?

Now you have the practical and spiritual forecast tools to guide you to manifest at optimum levels!

Imagine the celestial secrets you will have at your fingertips each month, Day-By-Day!

Now you can...  Every month...  In ADVANCE! 

Premium Wealth

Monthly Astrology & Numerology
Prosperity Forecast

Every month you’ll receive a jam-packed, incredibly detailed and inspiring five-segment audio package to guide you through the month.

You'll get daily tips on how to make the most of the unique universal Astro-Numerology code, so you're on top of all the opportunities and gifts every day brings - with a special emphasis on Abundance Activation Days and Periods.

You can listen online inside your private member's area, or even on the go! (See Bonus #3!)

What's in the APRIL 2024 Premium Wealth Forecast?

What to know about the huge, transformational impact on the world and your life regarding the most pivotal eclipse of 2024 - the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in ARIES- also referred to as “The Great American Eclipse”.
How to turn April's Universal Month Number 12 - into a series of growth experiences that infuse you with great knowledge and strength.
Discover how the powerful FULL MOON in SCORPIO creates a surge of intensity that propels you to purge and empower from within.
Discover which four special days in March activate the “ready-set-go” numerology code, heightening manifestation and success in your life!
Discover which four special days in April activate a playful and positive double 3:3 numerology code, heightening joy and creativity in your life!


Get advanced guidance on important astrology transits - when do they take place, what do they mean to your personal and professional life, and which tools can you use to make the most of these celestial codes!
Know which critical dates to NOT plan important events – secret information that will keep your life in balance when others are stressed out and frustrated.
Positive star code activations are amplified many times a month - discover when you’ll experience positive growth, fortunate forward momentum and effortless prosperity opportunities!
Weekends are a wonderful time to take it easy, but sometimes the celestial codes favor action and prosperity manifestation… Know precisely when you’ll encounter important abundance activation days vs. rest & relaxation weekends!
Take advantage of extra fortunate days by learning exactly WHEN opportunities are more magnified in the stars and numbers, so you can leverage them!

Plan your Life with the Precision and Power of the Premium Wealth Forecast

I've done all the research and received the cosmic messages in advance, so you can just sit back, listen, and leverage every day's universal Star Code Activations!

$69.00  Only $39.95/Month

(That's less than $1.35 a Day!)

You’ll be able to access April 2024 (and March) forecast INSTANTLY after checkout.

*The Premium Wealth Forecast is a monthly subscription. You will be charged once a month (30 days apart). You can cancel the program at ANY time.**

PLUS, you'll also receive the following bonuses!

BONUS # 1: Special Day of Birth Audio! (specific to the day YOU were born) (Value: $97)

You will be sent a special audio mp3 describing the unique talents and gifts of YOUR Day of Birth!

You can listen to your Day of Birth audio anytime you want a reminder of how amazing you are - and hear your soul speak! Let this recording light each experience of your day-to-day life.

* This bonus will be delivered instantly.

BONUS # 2: PRINTABLE pdf file with the FULL Transcript of this month's forecast! (Value: $127)

You'll receive a PDF transcript with the full content of Tania's Premium Wealth Forecast!

This transcript is fabulous to to access for easy reference so you can have an overview of the whole month as you plan your important projects, appointments and events. You can also search for specific content or days, and use it as a quick review.

Also, some people prefer to print it out in advance and listen along Tania's forecast.

However you choose to use this PDF document, it's an awesome bonus!

BONUS # 3: DOWNLOADABLE mp3 file of this month's forecast!
(Value: $77)

You can ALSO download this month's Premium Monthly Forecast onto your device so you can listen to it offline, or even copy it into your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, tablet, or mobile device! Of course, you can always log-in to our private member's area and listen to it anytime you want.

BONUS # 4: Tania's specially selected Music - aligned to each month code! (Value: $47)

Tania chooses 2-3 music selections every month that are aligned with the astro-numerology code to help you activate as many opportunities as possible! Music is a magical tool to awaken the fields of light in your heart-center. Every month’s beautiful music selections will unlock the divine message in the star code within you.

Listen whenever you need a boost, a moment of meditation, or a surge of inspiration to help you fulfill your divine mission with enthusiasm and passion!

BONUS # 5: Complimentary Access to Previous month's Premium Wealth Forecast!

When you register today, you'll get INSTANT access to your new April 2024 Forecast.

AND as a bonus, you'll ALSO receive access to last month's Forecast! (as well as PDF Transcript and Musical Selections!)

This way, you can review LAST month's forecast in case you want to "make sense" of something that happened to you on a particular day, more info on a specific astrological event or if you just want to know how the numbers and stars aligned that month.

NEW! BONUS # 6: Monthly Message from the MERLIN + METATRON Collective!

A special channeled Message from the Merlin + Metatron Collective is now included with every edition!

Merlin - the legendary magician, healer, alchemist and being of Light - will bring insights into the cosmic energy shifts that will play out every month to help you move easily through the upcoming shifts.

You will receive Merlin's guidance about the special frequencies unfolding now, and how to navigate the vibrational changes with utmost grace and inner peace. Each channeling transmission is specifically aligned to the coming month.

Check out what people are saying about the
Premium Wealth Forecast:

Thanks for the new Premium Forecast! The timing is perfect. Imagine that - I am experiencing perfect timing in my interaction with your offerings! I don't know when you started this but I found it at the exact right moment!
Thanks for all you do! It's a great inspiration and gives me great tools to manage my implementation!

Becky Mundt

Listened to the Premium Wealth Forecast again last night. In it you mentioned that the time between the eclipses would be a very creative time. It was confirmation of what I see in my life daily and a reminder to stay focused and pay attention to what I wake up with every day!
Thank you!

Elaine Wright

I enjoy the forecasts and I am learning SO MUCH! I particularly like that the forecasts are positive and upbeat albeit realistic and practical.
Thanks again and blessings!

Tina Owens

Thank you for your direction, guidance and inspiration. You give me clarity and hope!! I am blessed to receive your wisdom and blessings.
With much gratitude from South Africa,

Marge Van

Hi Tania,
Thank you for your wonderful horoscopes and the passionate way of delivering them. I listen to your forecast every day.
Although the choices I made/make in my life, conscious or subconscious are mine, your horoscope is like the forecast delivering the news of what’s expected to come. And with that I feel guided of what to do or not to do.
It’s like the weather channel…you may expect a sunny day or a storm and you know how to get prepared when you get out … and whatever your preparation might be it’s entirely up to you.
I absolutely love your messages and the way you deliver them!
Thank you,


100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to know, I stand firmly behind everything I offer.

If for ANY reason you don’t feel like the information revealed in the Premium Wealth Forecast is not worth the low price you paid, just send me an email in the following 7 days telling me – and I’ll cancel your subscription and refund your money right away!

That means, you have SEVEN full days to listen to the Premium Wealth Forecast, take notes, plan your month ahead, organize your life according to this month’s Astrology and Numerology codes… and THEN decide if you want to keep your subscription and benefit from this empowering forecast each and every month.

You can ALSO cancel your subscription ANYTIME without penalty or hard feelings. Just send me an email to and we’ll take care of you.

It’s totally risk-free. You have nothing to loose! In fact, the risk is on me!

Imagine having this Premium Wealth Forecast at your Fingertips in ADVANCE... month after month!

You can try to figure all this out your own, and continue to be frustrated about the slow progress you’re making… how it’s challenging to figure out the pace and natural flow for each day, the hidden messages behind every day’s code, and live with the knowledge that you had the opportunity to discover these daily cosmic forecasts, but never took advantage…

OR you can TAKE CHARGE of your MISSION and invest in the empowering, detailed cosmic roadmap of the future - monthly guidance to help you generate wealth, joy and fulfillment in your life each and every day.

The Premium Wealth Forecast is specifically designed to help you set the bar higher on all levels, by revealing both the practical and spiritual tools to manifest miracles!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

$69.00  Only $39.95/Month

(That's less than $1.35 a Day!)

You’ll be able to access April 2024 (and March) forecast INSTANTLY after checkout.

*The Premium Wealth Forecast is a monthly subscription. You will be charged once a month (30 days apart). You can cancel the program at ANY time.**

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