A special invitation…

Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat

Use the Power of the Universe
to Chart Your Destiny!

Dear Lightworker,

It’s no secret that the universe is changing rapidly, and that humanity is experiencing its greatest vibrational shift… ever.

From time to time we experience magical synchronistic events with a special significance – “coincidences” that appear from nowhere, defying the laws of probability.

2017 is such a moment in time.

In particular, July 2017 begins the second half of this pivotal 10 Universal Year of fortunate outcomes - the year of Money, Miracles and Manifestation.

We’ve reached a game-changing period, a time to power up our internal resources for optimal external results – outcomes that are perfectly aligned with the positive potential in the planets and stars. Navigating this new dimensional landscape unveils exciting new options which require that you make brave new choices.

The prosperity opportunities aligned for July, 2017 (opening the door for two pivotal eclipses in August, 2017) enable you to be magnificently poised for ultimate success.

Here's why:

  • 2017 is a 10 Universal Year - the God Code of Instant Manifestation, LOVE and LIGHT
  • July is a 17 Universal Month of Immortal Blessings and Abundance

17:17 Infinite Abundance Activation

July is a 17 Universal Month in 2017, doubling up the Immortality Number of Wealth and Infinite Opportunities... a time when your internal compass aligns with the universal code and is poised to manifest great abundance breakthroughs!

It's a perfect time to consciously initiate a deep internal shift, ADDRESS any internal blocks and ACTIVATE your soul-level intentions - the ones that speak to you from your heart.

To facilitate this celestial awakening internally using the cosmic energies at play, I have decided to extend a special invitation - to celebrate the "Three Points of Light" in the heavens and in your soul code. For the first time ever I am hosting an intimate and inspirational two-day live event at my private home.

The Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat

If you feel called to deepen your engagement with Source by taking your spiritual mission to the next level, you are invited to join me for an empowering immersion weekend at my sacred sanctuary in the hills of Los Angeles on July 21 – 22.

We will meet in my home and gardens for two full days of discoveries and awakenings… where every moment is designed to unlock your highest potential.

This Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat will honor YOU at the highest vibrational levels.

You see, 2017 puts YOU in charge. YOU are the creator now. YOU are the star rising up into the heavens to proclaim your message of light in service of all that is good and true.

YOU are the shift that is transforming the world.

And in order to ensure that you experience the greatest breakthroughs in a safe, serene and sacred environment, our retreat will be limited to only eight highly motivated Light Beings. This way you will forge the deepest bond with Spirit and with the other lightworkers in the room. The ultimate intention is to create the most empowered inner awakening... in alignment with the cosmic code!

Activating Your 3 Points of Light

The North Node of the Moon has just moved back into Leo (after 18 years) and is forming a highly fortunate Grand Trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, all FIRE signs of confidence, joyful movement and inspired action.

We’re talking breakthroughs affecting your FUTURE in an incredible way...

During our time together in July you will be shown how to leverage these "Three Points of Light" as we invoke the Grand Fire Trine between North Node, Uranus and Saturn with a powerful Sacred Invocation.

You will be merging the 3 Sacred Points of Light within YOU... an initiation into deeper layers of your spiritual mission here on Earth at this time.

We will be guided by your Star Code Map, the Universe and your Spiritual Guides as it is revealed how and when the Points of Light are manifesting an awakening within you - and what it means for you and your mission moving forward.

3 Points of Light Reveal the Timing
of Your Eternal Blessings

Your soul code is a divine map, a living entity in constant movement, and with pre-determined points of awakening - moments in your life when the Light is so strong that the recognition and acceptance of your soul’s divine mission is irresistible. Aligning your intentions during these points of awakening enables epic positive growth.

Beginning in July and continuing through the second half of 2017 the possibilities for effervescent new beginnings and positive shifts are truly unprecedented. Miracles will be accessible to a greater extent than ever.

Imagine seeing the “points of light” of your awakening clearly and then being able to confidently choose the most positive course of action!

  • How does your personal star code reflect immortal blessings and abundance?
  • When do your “3 Points of Light” get activated?

Decisions made at this time of sychronicity and rebirth are going to set the tone of your next nine years … and beyond. An awakening that will last an eternity…

During our retreat I will also be giving an oracle reading of the future by tuning into the star map of the universe. Together we will invoke a positive shift in alignment with your highest good. This will ensure that you live your greatest potential for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Set the intention right now to be present at the Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat!

Come join me for a once-in-a-lifetime soul immersion...

Love and Blessings,

Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat


(Or Three Monthly Payments of $2033)


A Sacred Circle Questionnaire will be sent to you following
your registration. Look out for it in your email inbox!

Questions and Answers

  • q-iconCan I get a private reading with Tania during the retreat?

    You will have an empowering one-on-one oracle reading with Tania during which she will channel your divine direction at that present moment - secrets of your spiritual mission and  future timelines which allow you to express your divinity at the highest vibrational level. There will be time for setting your initial intentions and follow-up questions. All will occur in a group setting, as everyone present holds the space with love and generosity to ensure your highest good is served.

  • q-iconDo I have to know about astrology or numerology to understand what will be shared by Tania during the retreat?

    No, absolutely not. All you need to provide Tania beforehand is your birthday, birth name, place of birth and time of birth. (These will be submitted in the Sacred Circle Questionnaire following registration.) Once at the retreat, Tania will interpret, guide and channel the future direction and truth of your Divine Mission. Just bring your open heart and positive intentions!

  • q-iconWill I receive meals during the two days?

    Yes, organic, fresh and healthy snacks and appetizers will be served from morning until evening along with a delicious big lunch. Gluten-free, non-dairy and sugar-free options will be available. Being a Taurus, Tania loves yummy, healthy food, so you will be taken care of!

  • q-iconCan I bring my partner to the retreat?

    Since only eight spots are available and everyone receives the same amount of guidance and time with Tania, your partner will need to register as well. Due to the nature of this retreat we can't have non-participating partners present - you are joining a sacred bonding of light beings and participating in an activation of internal and external galactic codes!

  • q-iconI’ve been practicing astrology and/or numerology for a long time – will this event be sharing what I already know?

    No worries! Our Sacred Circle retreat will be guided in harmony with the universe, your soul code and your spirit guides – thus the whole experience is designed to tap into the Present Moment, so only NEW truths will be unveiled and channeled.

  • q-iconWill the retreat be recorded?

    Yes it will – and a recording will be provided. Tania will also encourage each participant to record his or her individual oracle readings on their smartphones.

  • q-iconWhen will enrollment end?

    As soon as the eight spots are filled!

  • q-iconHow much is the Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat?

    Registration for the Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat is $6,000 per participant. It is a stellar, one-time opportunity to experience Tania’s gifts hands-on in her own private sanctuary home - a positively infused environment to generate the greatest impact on your life and work.

  • q-iconIs there a payment plan available?

    Yes, we are offering a three-pay monthly plan through May 24. This will make it much easier to spread out the payments.

  • q-iconIs there a refund policy?

    Due to the special nature of this unique event, the planning involved, and the energy and time that Tania will devote prior to the retreat - starting with the moment you register - there is no refund available once you commit to the retreat with Tania.

  • q-iconI’m not able to attend the Sacred Circle Retreat on July 21-22. Will it be offered again in the future?

    This is a divinely inspired event and a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed to conicide with the cosmic energies and midpoint of a powerful year. While Tania may host future Sacred Circle Retreats grounded in new star code alignments, there are no additional dates scheduled at this time.