A special invitation…

Sacred Prosperity Retreat

How to Leverage the Power of the Universe
to Manifest Your Mission!

Dear Light-Being,

If you are here, you're deeply invested in uplifting the world. Yet, you may be feeling a confusing gap between the great potential you sense for your divine mission and your ability to fully realize it – and prosper.

At the same time you feel a great breakthrough at your fingertips, yet don’t have a clear vision of where your life is ultimately heading.

Fortunately, Saturn (symbol of time) is trine Uranus (symbol of timelessness) acting as your planetary guides at a time of great change. As a result of:

  • This positive trine between the planet of reason and the planet of freedom
  • Our magnificent 10 Universal Year of Instant Manifestation
  • And the beginning of the age of awakening (Age of Aquarius)...

... this is the most exciting time to be alive in human history for powerful soul-centered prosperity shifts!

A portal has opened unveiling the Abundance secrets of the universe and ultimately, the direction of your divine mission, pointing the way to your PERSONAL liberation! Navigating this new landscape brings exciting NEW options – and creates a fork in the road.

Have you ever felt as if the Universe was sending

YOU a message?

Or have you ever unexpectedly heard a voice telling you to call a friend, or had an inner prompting asking you to drive straight instead of turning right, in order to get to your important meeting... or dreamed the perfect solution for a problem?

The truth is, the universe, and the cosmic force operating invisibly through it, send messages like this to you constantly. But often we're just too busy to notice.

In 2017 the Universe is enabling you to easily tune in to these messages, and ACT on them. When you do, you'll…

  • Know without a shred of doubt that you are on the right path …
  • Understand the precise direction of your divine mission …
  • Tap into a silent force that will bring to you everything you need, want and more ...
  • And experience the thrill that comes from being in control of your destiny!

I'm sure you feel as unprepared as the lightworker next to you about taking FULL advantage of this momentous shift and manifest miracles... After all, this is a brand new paradigm – one that has no visible road map or directions.

Or is the divine plan there... yet still invisible?

With a multi-dimensional shift the worlds of time and timelessness are merging, so yes! ...there can be confusion.

But as always, the universe will not leave you hanging!

Spirit always provides both the question – and the solution. If you follow the secrets revealed in YOUR “3 Points of Light”, personal Star Code map and your Soul Contracts you will hold the new keys to abundance, freedom and success.

How do you ACCESS these secrets? By opening your heart and soul to experience...

A Spiritual Awakening of a Lifetime.

On November 10th and 11th, I'll be hosting the Sacred Prosperity Retreat here at my home – two jam-packed days designed to initiate you fully into your Divine Abundance Code.

6 heart-centered entrepreneurs will be guided through a spiritual and practical abundance awakening.

To manifest positive prosperity, we will:

  • Unveil the SUCCESS secrets aligned to your personal “3 Points of Light”
  • Initiate an EPIC shift that releases hidden resistance and blocks to Prosperity
  • Unlock the PURPOSE of your life at this moment in time as revealed in your Star Code Map
  • Create a clear Vision of your FUTURE IMPACT on the world
  • Bring Heaven to Earth YOUR way – with specific instructions from your GUIDES
  • Learn an ancient & powerful exercise for INSTANT Manifestation
  • Hear the secret ORACLE Reading of your future!

... All designed for you to experience an initiation into the sacred mysteries, so you can go  SERVE as an emissary of light and PROSPER.

2017 is a 10 Universal Year of Instant Manifestation, Love and Light, so YOU are in charge. YOU are the star rising to proclaim your message of Light in service of Love, Abundance and Truth.

On 11.10 and 11.11 we will meet to create a dynamic awakening through the 11:11 portal.

  • 2017 is a 10 Universal Year is reflected in November 10.
  • 2018 is an 11 Universal Year is activated in November 11.

We will be focusing on empowering your Destiny to end 2017 with a bang so you are perfectly poised for a spectacular 2018.

In order to ensure you experience the greatest awakening in a hands-on, personalized way, our retreat will be limited to only six highly motivated Lightworkers. Our intention is to create a sacred initiation that will generate optimal results!

      "Working with Tania Gabrielle at the Sacred Prosperity Retreat gives you a competitive advantage as a spiritual entrepreneur. All things being equal, knowing your Codes will allow you to set yourself apart for the rest of the crowd based on the best alignment for YOU. I call on Tania to help me tap in to me that extra boost of cosmic support to ensure that the Universe has my back! This Retreat is not to be missed!"

–Ronda Renée

The Universe is calling you.

How are you going to respond?

Trust that the universe has a grand design for you!

Your birth initiated pre-determined points of awakening - moments in your life when the Light is so strong that the acceptance of your divine mission is irresistible. In following your design during the biggest shift in human history, you will manifest epic positive growth!

The opportunities for stellar new beginnings are unprecedented... Miracles are available to you more than ever.

The GREATEST of miracles is to be of service, in love with life, prosperous and at peace.

Together we will invoke a positive shift for your highest good. This will ensure that you live your greatest potential now... and going forward.

Join me and discover the luminous miracles lining up for you!

Love and Blessings,

Sacred Prosperity Retreat

11.10 - 11.11 (Nov 10-11), 2017

Los Angeles, California (Tania's Home)

Your Full Investment is $6,000


(Or 2 payments of $2,012)

You will be charged 2 times, 30 days apart


Your Prosperity Q&A will be sent to youafter registration. Look out for it in your email inbox!

     "I attended the first ever Sacred Circle Retreat conducted by Tania Gabrielle and was excited to be there, because I had been following her and listening to her videos for more than a year.  I knew she was "the real deal" and I was a fan. Tania graciously hosted this retreat in her beautiful home in Los Angeles.  The setting was calm and beautiful, and I instantly felt at ease.  The group was small, so I knew we would get Tania's individual attention.  The size of the group also allowed us to bond with each other; a nice bonus I hadn't anticipated.

Tania shared how best to set and achieve our goals.  She used various teaching methods including meditations, sound healing, journaling and other exercises to make the material interesting and impactful.  Tania is very action-oriented, which I found to be very helpful and motivating.  She even encouraged a couple of attendees to take action "on the spot" to advance their goals, and they did!  That was so inspiring.

She also gave us each very thorough individual readings - it was obvious how much time went into preparing these readings, and the analysis was very in-depth.  We also received a copy of our chart(s) with Tania's notes on them.

It was interesting to hear everyone's readings because we all learned something from them.  We were able to be each other's cheerleaders along the way.  It was nice to see soul sisters interacting together like that.  It strengthened our bond.

I felt like I was attending an event at a close friend's home.  Tania provided a generous spread of refreshments including an array of delicious beverages, healthy snacks and a fabulous lunch both days. These were lovingly prepared by her personal chef who we were honored to meet and spend some time getting to know. Lastly, as icing on the cake, Tania's beautiful and talented daughter performed a mini recital for us on the piano.  It was an exquisite performance and I felt privileged to have been able to share in that experience.

As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the retreat...the time flew by.  I made some new friends.  Most importantly, I left feeling motivated to dive into my goals with gusto, knowing I can accomplish anything!  Good job Tania! Thank you for a great experience."

–Nancy Lawson
Paris, TX

Questions and Answers

  • q-iconCan I get a private reading with Tania during the retreat?

    You will have an empowering one-on-one oracle reading with Tania during which she will channel the message in the stars about the divine direction of your life. There will be time for follow-up questions.

  • q-iconDo I have to know about astrology or numerology to understand what will be shared by Tania during the retreat?

    No, absolutely not. All you need to provide Tania beforehand is your birthday, birth name, place of birth and time of birth. (These will be submitted in the Sacred Prosperity Retreat Questionnaire following registration.) Just bring your open heart and positive intentions!

  • q-iconWill I receive meals during the two days?

    Yes, organic, fresh, healthy appetizers will be served from morning until evening along with a delicious big lunch. Gluten-free, non-dairy and sugar-free options will be available.

  • q-iconCan I bring my partner to the retreat?

    Since only eight openings are available and every participant receives the same amount of guidance and time with Tania, your partner will need to register as well.

  • q-iconI’ve been practicing astrology and/or numerology for a long time – will this event be sharing what I already know?

    No worries! Our Sacred Prosperity Retreat will be guided in harmony with the universe, your soul code and your spirit guides – thus the whole experience is designed to tap into the Present Moment, so only NEW directions and discoveries will be unveiled and channeled.

  • q-iconWill the retreat be recorded?

    Yes it will – and a recording will be provided. Tania will also encourage each participant to record his or her individual oracle readings on their smartphones.

  • q-iconWhen will enrollment end?

    As soon as the eight spots are filled!

  • q-iconHow much is the Sacred Prosperity Retreat?

    Registration for the Sacred Prosperity Retreat is $2997 per participant.

  • q-iconIs there a payment plan available?

    Yes, we are offering a three-pay monthly plan through September 7, 2017.

  • q-iconIs there a refund policy?

    Due to the special nature of this unique event, the planning involved, and the energy and time that Tania will devote prior to the retreat - starting with the moment you register - there is no refund available once you commit to the retreat.

  • q-iconI’m not able to attend the Sacred Prosperity Retreat on Nov 10 - 1. Will it be offered again in the future?

    This is a divinely inspired event and a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed to conicide with the cosmic energies and midpoint of a powerful year. While Tania may host future Sacred Prosperity Retreats grounded in new star code alignments, there are no additional dates scheduled at this time.