Tania Gabrielle's
Star Code Success

Discover Your WEALTH Master Plan
In Your Stars and Numbers

How to Shift Your Life by Activating Your Personal Astro-Numerology
Success Map To Manifest Financial Flow and Well-Being!

Dear Light Being,

There is an abundance of secret knowledge in your Star Code Birth Blueprint about HOW you are designed to manifest Wealth …

And now you have access to it!

I’m sure you’re aware that there is an incredibly powerful sea-change going on.

The shift into the New Aquarian Age is requiring all of us to look at every part of our life in a brand new way.

And that goes for your career as well – how you manifest wealth, success and abundance is shifting ever so rapidly.

The more traditional, authoritarian, top-down style of leadership will not work anymore.

The old how-to user manuals and our education are no longer pertinent. Using these past paradigms will not put you on a path of joyful wealth creation.

The ingredient needed most to create a positive flow is first and foremost a strong sense of inner abundance.

How do you tap into that “well of infinite abundance? As they say, it’s written in the stars!

Ready to discover and activate your wealth blueprint?

Welcome to Star Code Success!

What exactly is Star Code Success?

  • Star Code Success is a powerful training course in Abundance Astro-Numerology.
  • It’s a 7-module comprehensive, video-based training program that teaches amazing BRAND NEW Astrology-Numerology abundance activation tools.
  • The program is focused on learning the Principles of Wealth Creation unlocked in your unique Star Code Blueprint and culminate in learning to calculate your - and anyone's - WEALTH SCORE!
  • And whether you already are an established astrologer or numerologist OR embarking the star code discovery for the first time, this is the starting point of a celestial journey into the essence FLOW and FORTUNE that will change your life!

So, Who is Star Code Success for?

  • It is for healers, coaches and intuitive who want to learn how to use the powerful modality of Astro-Numerology to enhance Wealth and Well-being – and to be of service to their clients in an empowering way.
  • It is for established transformational coaches who want to expand their services to include Astro-Numerology Abundance Tools.
  • This is a program for creatives, teachers and mentors in any healing profession, and those of you who want to learn how I do what I do, and see where it takes you!

You know you want joy, security, peace and fulfillment on every level – including financial. And you WANT to be in a position to support yourself and others by using your gifts to the fullest extent possible.

But….You must have SOLID TOOLS to support you. Without the Tools and without expert guidance, you will inevitably feel like you’re spinning your wheels!

Once you have the tools, you have the foundation to CREATE and THRIVE! With the right guidance, the best training and total focus and commitment you know Anything is possible...

Who is Star Code Success NOT for?

Star Code Success is NOT for those who want to dabble – whether it’s in the numbers or the stars. It’s not for you if you blame external circumstances for your problems and have no TRUST in a Divine Force of Love that is guiding you every moment of your existence, or if you create negativity that pulls others down. I only train people who are positive and kind and compassionate and generous and committed to Growth.

Are you ready? Here is what you will
learn in the our 7 lessons:

Lesson One: Your Part of Fortune

Discover the secrets of your Part of Fortune. The Part of Fortune is made up of 3 points in the chart – this is the reason why it is extremely important and a huge indicator of how your effortlessly manifest fortunate flow in your life. Both your birth star code and current/future activations with your Part of Fortune are covered.

Lesson Two: Your 2nd and 8th Houses of Wealth

Values, Possessions, Money, Power, Resources define the 2nd and 8th Houses in Astrology. We will dive into the meaning of both houses, each of the Planets in the 2nd and 8th houses and the impact of Sign rulerships of both Houses.

Lesson Three: Powerful Wealth Planets and Signs

Venus and Jupiter – and one more mystery planet - make up the wealth planets. We’ll dive into their impact in your chart and also reveal the Wealth Signs, Wealth Houses and Aspects(geometric connections of your natal planets to other planets and important angles in your birth chart).

Lesson Four: More Wealth Activations: Signs, Houses, Aspects, Numbers

There are several ADDITIONAL indicators of wealth in your astrology birth chart. This is very exciting news! We will cover all of the remaining Star Code Wealth indicators in this module.

Lesson Five: Abundance Code of Your Vertex, Midheaven and North Node

In this lesson you discover how your Midheaven, Vertex and North Node point you in a powerful and specific direction of Abundance Manifestation.

Lesson Six: Your Wealth Score!

Learn to calculate your powerful Wealth Score! And enjoy discovering the Wealth Score in Numerous Case Studies. A super exciting module!

Lesson Seven: Timing of Wealth Windows Now and in the Future

Discover which transits, progressions and solar arcs indicate the timing of wealth windows in your life. These are “money friendly” activation periods that you want to take advantage of!

Your Star Code Success Blueprint is never NOT activated. It’s never on hold – you can’t press the Pause button on your code, because it is LIVING. So, it’s just a matter of you knowing what it is and acting on it. 

Here’s the thing: Your Star Code Success Code thrives and brings wonderful opportunities and outcomes when you LAVISH your Energy on it.

Ready to discover how to use the magic power of the Stars and Numbers to manifest Success?

Now it's time to unlock your Star Code Success Blueprint!

How will Star Code Success work?

  • All the training is contained on private, members-only, password protected pages, so you can watch the training online OR you can download it to your Tablet or mobile phone and just learn on the go.
  • Plus you receive PDFs of the Slide Shows for each Webinar (a fabulous reference tool!)
  • From the very first lesson you will have a tremendous amount of knowledge at your fingertips, allowing you to give Wealth Activation readings instantly.

The rich content in every module is structured so you can assimilate the material at your own pace.

Many case studies are presented in each Lesson to help you understand and assimilate the material in a fun and easy way.

A fabulous private membership site allows you to access all videos, audio, teleseminar recordings and PDFs at any time in multiple ways. You also can print out the Powerpoint slides that accompany each webinar in two formats - 1-slide or multi-slides per page - to create a handy, portable reference manual.



(Regular Price $1,257.00)
4-pay plan of $207

You’ll be able to access Module One of the training INSTANTLY after checkout.

BONUS #1: Your FREE Star Code Success Astro-Numerology Chart (Value $300)

This is your personal AstroNumerology Star Code Success Chart listing your three important birth numbers, your astrology birth chart and it includes charts of your current Transits and Progressions. Your chart lists important personal astro-numerology details we cover during the 7 Lessons (Part of Fortune, Ruling Signs, Wealth Houses, and more).

You can refer to your AstroNumerology Star Code Success Chart for the rest of your life!


BONUS #2: Access to our Private Inner Circle Membership Portal (Value $500)

As a Star Code Success member you automatically receive access to the members-only Inner Circle Membership Portal where you can ask me personally any question you have, as you make your way through the 7 Lessons in the training program.

I would like to thank the entire Numerology Academy Team! Super great programs. Love the enthusiasm, the information, and the support I receive whenever I have questions. I feel like a kid at Christmas who opens a new toy with these programs every time I go into them. I look forward to delving deeper into all that I can with the astro-numerology. Excitement abound!!!

I especially want to thank Tania for all the information shared on last month's conference call. You went into a great amount of detail about some numbers in my chart. You told me what a big deal some of my numbers/transits are for 2016 and I'm super pumped! I am so appreciative! It just all fits together like a perfect puzzle completing itself.

Denise Manns

I was absolutely astonished to learn about the connection between Numerology and Astrology. Tania's program is comprehensive and fascinating. Her lessons are easy to follow and her monthly calls offer valuable ongoing support. Tania has the best Numerology training that I have ever come across. This program is for those who truly want to dive deep into Astro-Numerology.

I really appreciated Tania's care and attention to teach and provide support. Thank you, Tania! Your support has helped me to grow and develop my confidence as a Numerology practitioner.

Andrea Mai

I started working with Tania a few years ago. I found that my name at that time was an unfortunate number. Well, I can say it was... While I was using that name I lost my marriage, my business, and all of my money. I worked with Tania and found a name that was fortunate. Within a very short period my life changed drastically. I re-launched my business, got my self out of debt and am now completely debt free, and have found a wonderful partner. I feel that my life is on the right track.

I then went through Tania's Numerology Academy training and found my Life Purpose and the confidence to make my dreams a reality. Tania's work is life changing! I would highly recommend Tania. She is so kind, supportive, and a wonderful mentor!

Mary Baillee
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(Regular Price $1,257.00)
4-pay plan of $207

You’ll be able to access Module One of the training INSTANTLY after checkout.

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My No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Due to the highly transformational impact of this training, all refund requests must be made within 7 days of purchase. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first lesson of the Star Code Success program, followed by lesson two after five days. If you ask for a refund within those 7 days, you must have participated in the program up until then. That means that you reached out to me if you have any questions. No refunds will be given after the seven-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request. Star Code Success is an investment in YOU. And with our 7-day Money back guarantee you can test-drive the program completely risk-free!



(Regular Price $1,257.00)
4-pay plan of $207

You’ll be able to access Module One of the training INSTANTLY after checkout.