2012-mother-s-day-beautiful-flower-purple-flower_2560x1600_97329Did you know a brilliantly fortunate game-changer launches today? You are being fired up with courage, joy and optimism.

That means it’s time to take BOLD action!

September 25 is a day of celebration. Starting today and continuing deep into next year, an amazingly magnificent astrological “trine” is being danced in the skies between Jupiter and Uranus.

What a beautiful, sparkling energy surge we have at our disposal!

You are experiencing your inner brilliance in unpredictable, surprising ways.

Jupiter in Leo imbues you with tremendous optimism and confidence, while Uranus in Aries brings an awakening, a liberation and an assertive drive to succeed.

Uranus is waking you up so you forge ahead with fearlessness and confidence. This is the planet of liberty and breakthroughs.

Jupiter aligns your heart and soul with joy, wonderment and exuberance.

Let’s say you’re not feeling balanced and fulfilled. Then Jupiter’s effect will make you be more prone to wastefulness and hypocrisy rather than feeling abundant and blessed.

If you are afraid to move forward, you’ll run away from freedom. That sets up a scenario where Uranus brings disruption, separation and volatile events instead of embracing new directions and liberation.

In combination, these two powerhouse planets gift us with unprecedented opportunities.

Use this energy to your advantage – in work or business, love or creative expression – or a combination of all.

  • 9.25.2014 when added up, equals 23/5, the “Royal Star of the Lion” Number.
  • Uranus and Jupiter are coming together at EXACTLY 15:00 degrees.

23 was considered the strongest number by the ancient Chaldean priests. The “Royal Star of the Lion” can’t be challenged and attracts great success when you are in congruence with your destiny and purpose.

15 blesses us with love and abundance, and is part of the code for 2015 – a spectacular opportunity of joy, alchemy, fortunate change and prosperity.

Combining 23 and 15, Uranus and Jupiter creates fantastic synchronicities and surprises.

Today’s fortunate trine in the skies is a preview of things to come in 2015.

Wealth will flow and money can be manifested easier than ever – if you know how to access both your personal code and the universal formula.

I’ll be sharing the spectacular Astrology-Numerology Wealth Code for 2015 in my special “2015 Money Making Formula” LIVE online event on November 8.

I have positioned this virtual seminar, so you can prepare to fully experience the richness of 2015 every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity – click here.

You’ll be grateful you did!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. This Aries-Leo Fire Trine between Jupiter and Uranus is being triggered again in two weeks during a powerful lunar eclipse. You will feel the fortunate effects for the next twelve months – WAY into next year! Be sure you know how and when activate it in your life by clicking here.


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