full-moon-pic2What a glorious Full Moon is spreading its light today!

It is extremely rare for ALL planets to be activated astrologically by a lunation degree – and TODAY the Sun and Moon are triggering a grand symphony in space!

This means that the sum of you, all your gifts, all your many facets are being awakened.

You are being shown your eternal connection to God Source Energy.

Your soul ORIGINATED from this Pure Energy Source.

Just like all the planets are being joined in concert with the Sun and Moon today, YOU are being connected to everyone and everything energetically.

You are remembering ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL.

This reminder that you and everyone originate from the SAME place – evokes LOVE like never before. And it’s all happening during this amazingly healing 11 Universal Gateway Month.

  • March 5 triggers the Pivot Number 5.
  • The Sun and Moon lie at 14 degrees, which adds up to 5.
  • 5 is the number of FREEDOM.

Knowing, trusting, embracing that YOU are born of Divine God Source Energy and that this energy lives within you forever, this knowing sets you FREE!

You can do ANYTHING.

You can BE Anything

You ARE pure light, pure love.

For this Full Moon the Sun is conjunct (together with) Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, so this placement during the Full Moon is a major magnification of your deepest spiritual resources!

Especially since ALL the other planets are being joined into the sacred geometric dance of love during the Full Moon.

How magnificent the potential of this moment.

The Mystic in you, the spiritual warrior in you, all that is sacred in you is being profoundly stirred awake now!

Open up to your exquisite beauty. Allow it to flood your heart with joy.

Taste the sweet innocence of love.

Be serene and be strong.

You are lit up energetically in every way.

And this energy extends to… the sound and spelling of your name! You have a powerful tool that emits your Energetic frequency – it is the name you choose to use.

Everyone has a preferred name.

But few know the power and influence their current name wields.

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Have a blessed FULL Moon!

Love and Blessings,


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