jupiter_moonThe Leo New Moon on July 26 is one of the most positive New Moons in a long time.

At 2 degrees the Sun and Moon join together right next to Jupiter at 3 degrees.

Jupiter always expands what we’re focusing on and imbues life with optimism and abundance.

As a result, love and creativity expand in an amazing way – truly a beautiful, joyful celebration!

What makes the event even more exciting is that, one day earlier on July 25, Mars will have FINALLY left it’s long sojourn in Libra (not a sign Mars feels too comfortable in) and enters its ancient home sign of Scorpio.

Talk about heating up your passionate side!

So while Jupiter, lit up by the Sun and Moon, expands your vision with optimism and celebration, Mars will give you the confidence to engage your passionate side.

What a fabulous moment … and believe me, your CREATIVITY will be on fire!

It’s all happening in Leo, the Sun’s “home sign”. giving us an extra boost of courage, fearless self expression and brilliance.

The astro-numerology code is asking you to…

  • Let your light shine.
  • Be fearless and bold.
  • Fully express what comes naturally to you.

Make the most of this exciting astro-numerlogy event by getting clarity about your personal code and your CURRENT personal cycles.

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Make this celebration one you’ll always remember!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabriell

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