February is a month of the heart. Not just because of Valentine’s Day.

This year February resonates to the number 9 symbolizing wisdom, love and  inspirational leadership

Ask yourself the following question:

What do I feel is the deepest truth about who I am?

Say, “I am… “

“…a great poet, a magnificent leader, an ingenious salesperson, a great astrologer, a wonderful healer, an inspirational speaker, an inspiring actor, a great attorney, a fantastic cook…”

Say it softly – spoken from the heart.

You’re not boasting or bragging. This is not an ego trip. You are opening up your heart to the truth about who you are.

You are wonderful at something.

You are GREAT at something.

You are a great person.

Speak what your heart’s deepest desire is. Live from this heartfelt declaration of truth.

By declaring who you are, you make your heart sing!

Breathe in your declaration. When you breathe through your heart, you breathe in divine wisdom.

Commit to your truth.

Your life always ADAPTS to those commitments you are CLEAR about in your heart.

What speaks through your HEART shifts your consciousness forever. Remember where you come from – the Stars! You carry the greatness of the stars in your heart.

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