Another spectacular star code is unfolding this week!

We are being showered with healing and confidence boosting heavenly alignments during this tremendous time of changes.

July’s magnificent 11 Universal Month continues with two powerful transits:

  • Mars conjunct Chiron
  • Sun opposite Pluto

Mars conjuncts Chiron in Aries on July 14.

Chiron moved into Aries in 2018 and will be moving through the first sign until 2025 – an important event in itself, since Chiron was not discovered until after it moved into Taurus in November, 1977.

Mars is the RULER of Aries.

Mars will be traveling through Aries for six months (due to a retrograde that begins on 9.9.) – so this conjunction with Chiron is a major healing moment on Mars’ journey.

Chiron, Sacred He