Life is flowing to a new rhythm now, especially starting in mid June. That’s because…

To begin with there was the exciting Sagittarius Full Moon pointing to Galactic Center– with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. So much JOY!

  • Pluto is activated on Wednesday by two planets – Mars AND Mercury lie opposite to Pluto, planet of Power and Transformation (more on that meet-up in a moment).
  • The end of the week brings a highly positive Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere) on Friday, June 21.
  • Friday is also the day that Neptune stations retrograde…
  • By Sunday it’s clear that this is a weekend of fun and play as we can bask in the playful relaxation of Venus Opposite Jupiter.

Let’s focus on Wednesday, June 19 when Pluto gets a big boost from Mars and Mercury.

Pluto is an important planet at this time due to its major presence in the upcoming stellium of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (exact in early January 2020). This meeting of Pluto and Saturn in Saturn’s own sign has not happened in 500 years! And this time around it’s even more dramatic.

So… anytime Pluto or Saturn are highlighted, we want to pay extra attention.

Mars was the original ruler of Scorpio and Pluto took over that rulership after its discovery early last century. So with these two co-rulers of Scorpio in opposition to each other passion is on a high and inner tension needs to find an outlet.

Channel this powerful, intensely passionate energy into a CREATIVE project. Or use it to bring to life a business endeavor.

You'll need to commit full throttle to a project in order to utilize and transmute this surge of extra energy and reap the benefits. As a result, Pluto and Mars will enhance your inner confidence in a big way!

  • Mars seeks achievement and Pluto seeks power.
  • By aligning actively with your goals you are going to get optimal results.

If you feel an energy pushback (totally normal), stay strong – keep at it – you have amazing resources of strength now… and you’ll be able to alchemize the situation.

In other words, ACTION transforms tension – literally ALCHEMIZING any situation.

Mars opposite Pluto also builds greater confidence in your sexuality and magnetism.

When it comes to Mercury opposite Pluto you have an added desire to do some deep Soul-searching or engage in some kind of therapy. Self-Awareness is crucial to growth, and right now you're getting the call to look within.

Intense conversations are also likely. So is any investigation into a topic where you are seeking to uncover new details and secrets.

Note that Pluto can trigger an obsessive tendency (ask any Scorpio about that!), so guard against compulsive fixations on people or ideas.

You are more empowered and influential – use your enhanced charisma to be of SERVICE, not to control.

The exact meeting of these two Pluto activations happens on June 19,2019.

This double 19:19 code magnifies the “Prince of Heaven” number 19 – symbol of the Sun!

Your inner LIGHT is bright and you know that Anything is possible!

One important way you can benefit from these empowering celestial codes in a POSITIVE way is to make sure that your current name resonates to a fortunate number.

People with challenging current name numbers are more prone to activate the “shadow side” in situations and people – thus attracting diffficult outcomes or delays.

With so much energy pointing to our liberation from the past and a huge vibrational shift into positive, abundant future, there’s no better time than now to check the vibration of your current name.

Having a fortunate current name is VITAL to helping you navigate the profound transformation with optimal support (it's the first thing I check with an private client!).

  • A fortunate current name ATTRACTS opportunities, supportive people and financial flow.
  • Contrast that to a challenging name number which attracts frustrating situations and people. Who wants that?

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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